Sunday, February 26, 2012

NParks to develop 150-km recreational route (RIR)

Wonderful RIR 
Why am I so excited about Nparks efforts? 
And this is why...   :)  Round Island Route = RIR
We can expect more links and most importantly, is how they are getting public engagement to help fine tune and get feedback. This is good news because it is all about the people. If people respond and are engaged... I know the solution would be much more relevant to the surroundings. With Lovecyclingsg, we can link Nparks to the common folks and real cyclists... so that their voices are heard. And if you have some thing to say and share... Please visit Nparks website and put in ur comments!
Also visit Lovecyclesg website to see more photos...
Talking about speedy replies... here's Bernard's -- " The project is on! The route alignment and development timeline is works in progress which means your feedback is important and will be useful. Over the next 2 mths we will conduct focus grp studies. I will need 20 pax from cycling and grps so here goes - those who want to be heard - let me know i will extend an invitation to you.... If response is overwhelming, we will have to draw lots.
The sessions will be held after office hours and for a start it will be useful to have cyclists from diverse background :
A. with different bikes
B. Stay in different areas in spore - East South and northwest
C. Different age grp
If you are keen, do respond here and give me your email address......thanks!"


  1. Do you know the proposed route of the green (western) section? Is it the old KTM railway line?

  2. sorry, i should clarify - the western green section looks like it will be along lim chu kang rd. why wouldn't they also make an additional route down the KTM line? it provides direct access to the BT and Upper Pierce Nature Reserves.