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LCSG Bukit Brown ride 12Feb 2012

Dad and his Princess!
Friends!Father and son
Testing the Moonlander@[652418377:2048:Francis Chu] with his "foldable", MRT-able Fixie!latest retro creation by DIY king @[1233730875:2048:Wei Shuan]!Gor.. .my turn lah
lelong QueenLead rider and organiser, @[688211537:2048:Kevin Wu] sharing the route and all the details at start point
LCSG Bukit Brown ride 12Feb 2012,  << Full set of photos here for your download

Kevin and Gwyn led this wonderfully ride to Bukit brown Cemetery. It was a massive crowd of more than 70 folks but we manage admirably.  LCSG swamped Shun fu Food market with many residents looking attentively at all the variety of bicycles.  Later on we rode mainly along the pavement to Bukit Brown via Farrer road. Why pavement? Because the car speed was obviously way over the speed limit and we were not comfortable risking it with children around. Anyway, no drama and injuries - thanks to the diligence safety sweeping by Andy, Diane, Clarence, Steven Tang,  Tiger Emman and many others.
Meeting at the Bukit Brown front gate , we linked up with Claire, Catherine and Peter who broke the group into 2 and proceed to show us the place. It was obvious that they feel alot for the place and their passion to retain the history is infectious. We trekked more than we cycled and the weather was very hot. Felt like Army training at sometimes...haha.  Yes, Singapore has unique places. They however will not be served to you on a silver places. Gems like the Bukit Brown Cemetery is a ecology by itself.  I had went before on a bicycle but this time decided to walk and tune in to the informative story by Clarie and her team.  Tiring but totally worth it.

Thanks, Claire, Catherine, Peter and team. I wish you well and that the authorities will do as much as they can to preserved the place. To those who haven't gone... Please do visit it before it all goes into an expressway.
Lastlty you can Read more here on the amazing efforts by Clarie, Catherine, Peter and friends. This is Bukit Brown Cemetery!

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