Tuesday, October 15, 2013

甜蜜蜜 Concept of a rear bicycle rack for couples

Clearing my laptop and I found this. haha.
Inspired by the show 甜蜜蜜(Tian Mi Mi) where Leon Lai rode along on a rickety bicycle with the girl.

 Time stamp 1:36

This was a concept I submitted for Seoul bicycle design sometime back. Nope, it did not get a mentioned but I still think this is a very romantic and nice thing for a bike.
I wanted to use a piece of music, movie to inspire product design. I just love the way the relationship was spontaneous. The magical feeling of music merging seamlessly to the footage.  Add a front basket for a picnic or put bags that would be the ultimate "pat tor" bicycle.  What do you think?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LCSG is 3 year old Picnic - 6th Oct 2013

6th Oct 2013

Awesome video by Joeel. Many thanks!
Friends who met with a bicycle @ bottom of Benjamin Sheares bridge 
We had a kiddy ride from Kallang Mac to Benjamin Sheares via the PCN. It's a nice easy route for newbies and kids
Its the 3rd Lovecyclingsg anniversary. What a journey! We spent the weekend in a very unique way, by having a simple picnic. It was great to see children playing with each other, friends chatting and having a nice meal. Also try out my wifey super duper Mee siam... amongst the shiok food everyone brought along.
  More photos on the event here 
Kim's super super delicious Dry Mee Siam for LCSG Picnic
L-R, Esther, Sharon, Shelby, Kim and Francis 
L-R:Siti, Bernenda,Jen Nie and Cindy
L-R: Cayla, Momo and Kimi
L-R: HongKiaw,Allan, Wendy,George Kee, Uncle Teo, Louis
Super nice cake by Christine and Andy... and on the right is Desmond.
Singing happy birthday to LCSG... yes its 3 years running!!!
This is a simple picnic to remind us that its all about the friendships and fun. Life can be simple and easy. I hope LCSG can continue to blossom and more will enjoy the love of simply cycling. To more great years ahead!
Vince and Gan Poh gooffing around... generated lots of laughter

Monday, October 7, 2013

Super duper compilation of Brompton how to dos... by Alvin and team!

Ever wanted to service your Brompton but don't know how? Well, now thanks to Alvin, you can learn it too!