Saturday, July 13, 2019

Visit to my old friend and old school 9th June 2019

Momo is now Primary 6 and very soon she will leave Pei Chun school. I wanted to do a ride to show her Toa Payoh and enjoy this special moment.  About 40 pax met at Bishan Mac and we rolled slowly towards Toa Payoh. 

Blur me, didn't check that it was still in construction and luckily I had Joanna Peck who help guide me expertly pass the road block to Toa Payoh. I led them in circles trying to find a ping pong table and so glad no one minded. After some time, we found my child hood toy horse and did the usual photography.  Also the dragon playground and toa payoh garden. 

To share with the folks, I also brought them to Philips Singapore. That was when we first started to ride in 2007. Because I like to find nice food....ask me more when we ride together.
Here's some nice photo for memories!  More photos here

Nparks Floating island collab with LCSG - 18th May 2019

Catch-Up and documenting a nice event with Nparks on 18th May. Yes, work have been overwhelming busy and I am really late on my blog entries.  
So here goes... I brought Momo along as I wanted her to experience how something discarded could be put into another use.  We gathered at the hill of Kent ridge park. After a over view of the program, Nparks team led us to the pond. Along the way, they shared more history and also lots of interesting plants that was around the area. 

Reaching the pond, we split into 3 groups and got to work. It was hot and sweaty but no one complained. Everyone helped out and after about an hour, the platforms were done.  Heres some of the nice photos of this memorable event and looking for more in the future!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

LCSG supports Nparks Rower Cove ride. 30th March 2019

The location was abit off the beaten path, esp if u are coming via public transport. But it did not deter the folks of LCSG coming from all different places to support the event. Here's the Straits time article on the event.  
The ride was actually a very short route from the Seletar Heritage trees to Rower cove. I was very appreciative that riders understood why we came here and didn't really mind the short distance. Thanks guys!

The importance of today event is to mark the location as the node for the on going Round island Route by Nparks. Rower cove is located at the Seletar End of the Yishun Dam road. From Rowers cove, Minister Wong shared today that cyclists, joggers can go directly to the City.  The route, covering about 60 km will be completed by 2020 and for the western sector of Singapore, it will be addressed and completed in due time. Also today was the launch of the C2C app which is more a trail walking app that allows user to find their way and learn more fauna/flora as they walk.  It spans from Punggol Coney island to Jurong lake district and when u take photos on the designated spots, there will be points to collect and redeem - I will share more seperately on the C2C app. 
Here's some of the nice photos by uncle KC and other riders.
Link here and here .

Eugene from URA and Henry from Nparks. Very very good people who have done so much. Thank you. 
This are all the efforts of folks like LCSG and many others. Come and make a difference! 

Showing how all pcn can be linked up for the Round island route. By 2020, can ride from Rower cove to city!
Thats a big yeahhh!