Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Taiwan LCSG Tour - 10th Dec 2013 day 4

Route: 安 通 Ang Tong to 乌石鼻Wu Shi Bi
Distance: 80km, feature a steep slope and riding through Yu chang Highway tunnel

The route down to 乌石鼻 
use the "yellow man" to see the route we took
Foggy, drizzling morning
rain gear on. Encik explains the finer detail of riding in the rain
hei syo hei syo... warm up and ready to go!
Slick tyres + rain+slope. Not a good combination. I take van and start on the foot of the hill
Ladies ready to go test out their rain jacket.. woopphhee!
wah lau... you all so on... siao liao. lucky I wear dark shades..can't see my eyes rolling
It drizzled lightly in the morning. Temperature was around 18 degrees. Perfect for sleeping in…. not. We were going cycling! Due to the slippery conditions, some of us chose to take van to foot of the hill (of our hotel) before starting the ride.  Rain coats on, we pedaled on towards Yu Chang Highway Tunnel. This was one of the steepest section and the wet drizzling weather was actually cooling and made for an easier climb(for me that is). From the tunnel it was then downslope all the way to the coast. Very nice rolling down the curves and bends. Too fast and dangerous which is why I did not take much photo here. 
Pierre enjoying the downhill section 
Slowly slowly cycle
foggy and wet day. 

at the entrance of Yu Chang highway(tunnel)... rain abit more now
Ride through Yu Chang Highway Tunnel
actually very nice cycling in the tunnel as there was shelter from the rain
乌石鼻(Wu Shi Bi) is a small coastal place. We talked to the coast guard manning the station and was told it was a favorite for fishing buffs and people come also to see the rock formation.  No shopping nor 7-11 sighted. It was a really “ulu”isolated kind of place. A very beautiful one.
small road leading to  Wu Shi Bi 
nice waves
Can you hear the waves?
Nixs and his very light MTB
Unique boat design using PVC tube. The outboard motor is also housed internally!
MTB time!
lunch at the beach!
Even the Coast Guard leader came out to see what the fuss was about... 
Nice to see this. "Watch out for cyclists" sign in the country side
Wild boar meat bbq to perfection
Dinner was at Yuan shi bu luo. This is a county food in a very county setting. They even had a aborigine swing for customer to play with. I also liked the herbal soup and wild boar meat dish.  
dinner time!
The swing using bamboo pole support 
Momo spinning around

Taiwan LCSG Tour - 9th Dec day3

Route: Rui sui to Ang Tong
Distance: 32km, flattish. Really.

@ Route 193
RuiSui on the north and following Route 193 to Angtong
We took the route 193, which is also known as the farmer's road. Route 193 is a windy small road that runs parallel to the highway 9. Most drivers will take the Highway 9 as it is wider and straighter.This makes the Route 193 a very nice place to cycle. Along the way, we stopped for awhile to view the tourist visitor centre. I noticed there were wooden huts around and George told me it was facilities provided free for campers and cyclists. There was even power and lighting provision. I also saw a nice toilet with showering facilities near by. This is really fantastic infrastructure and surely something we can all learn from.    
We are at the red label... 
LCSG @Xiuguluan River center. This is where whitewater rafting can be done. 
Camping huts available. Free to use. Over looking the river bed.  
Elevated wood plattform. Clean and dry to camp. 
Even have electrical out and lighting for the camper to use. Very thoughtful
We then continue cycling along Route 193 and saw lots of padi fields. Many of which were a been harvested and cut. Still I really love the nice and quiet environment. Best of all for weaker riders, it was not so hilly! George did a small detour ; led us into the rice fields so that we city dwellers can see the  rice fields close and personal. 
Route 193, Padi fields
Rice just harvested

Jasper in a matching yellow Tee. This is postcard perfect!
rolling slowing among the rice fields. Very special feeling!
We spent quite sometime there just soaking in the environment and taking pictures. It really was a priceless moment. Have to do this at least once in your life!
Snap and snap. I think the farmers must felt like a super star!
Encik helping mow the rice padi
old uncle just minding his plants. 
As we rolled toward Antong, Encik felt we made too fast a progress and went on the hilly road detour... it was tough and everyone groaned with the effort.
We are going around the mountain here we come X 10 
Tough Brompton rider. After the shiok shiok climb

Outside the hotel 
looking out of the room
Eventually we reach our hotel. It was perched on top of a hill overlooking Antong. The view was beautiful and peaceful. Due to the size of the group, we literally occupied the whole hotel. Encik George very kindly assigned the Presidential suite to us and it featured a very big bathtub. Check out the photos. 
The room to stay in!
big coffee table for chats 

someone is very comfortable
Ah Mo so happy.. can go swimming
Lever on the right is to "open the hotspring floodgate..."