Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dan and Vickie from US with a tandem riding round Singapore

Left to right Vickie, Dan, Mr Tandem Lim and wife @ CarfreeSunday event

I was pleasantly surprised afew weeks ago that a couple from US Colorado took all this effort to bring their Tandem bicycle to Singapore.  They met Mr Lim at Carfreesunday who introduced them to LCSG.  This are some of the posting they shared at LCSG FB and I am so happy they are enjoying our sunny island on tandem bicycle.
If you see them cycling around, pls wave them and say hello! 
This is also a good encouragement for our hardworking folks at Nparks, LTA and URA who are doing their part to make SG a better place to live and ride. Folks.... check what he got to say...
"Several people told us it did not make any sense to bring our bicycle, let alone our TANDEM bicycle, to Singapore for our one month stay. Upon arrival we fell in love with Singapore straight away. We love the Island and the city. We love cycling here and are very happy that we decided to bring our tandem with us. I guess we just love cycling no matter where we are. Special thanks to Tandem Lim and Karin for taking us under their wing during our first ride in SG and showing us the ropes. We have found the cycling community in SG to be world class. We ❤️ Singapore "
Dan from US with his Tandem bicycle! 

I know it's not perfect and we got lots to do...  Let's keep on rolling!