Bike safety awareness

There are no consolidated effort to track cycling accidents and this information are not privy to us, normal folks. So....... I am using the collective efforts of LCSG, PNR and other cyclists to collect and track them. With the hope to bring more awareness to cycling safety and more need to be done for the cyclists.

This page will also be used to collect useful information and good examples of how other countries models which makes cycling more enjoyable and viable as a mode of transport.

Pls send me an email @ taiwoon@gmail if u find good articles, information which we can add to this list. Also share out this link so that we can educated and inform our cyclists friends to make the ride  safer.

  1. Cycling on the pavement and tips to make it super pleasant
  2. How one service works and this is THE APP to feedback 
  3. Want to know who to call but get "tennis balled"... here is the consolidation list on who is responsible for what
  4. List to document the cycling accidents in Singapore  << help us make it safer by contributing!
  5. CollaborativeSG hazardous map lead by Diane F
  6. Feedback session by cyclist to Dr Faishal - 19th Feb 2013 
  7. We wrote to the Prime Minister on the dangers of cycling on the road
  8. Dr Faishal who is to lead and champion for better safety on roads. Including cyclists. 
  9. I still think Singapore roads can be improved lots. It is still dangerous out there 
  10. The cycle continues 
  11. Stay bright and visible!
  12. SG Cyclist renew calls for a safer road conditions
  13. Article on cycling by straits time 
  14. Lifesaver Card by Lifecycle
  15. I am a motorist, I am a cyclist
  16. Calvin's guide to cycling commuting in Singapore. This is good!
  17. SG localised version of Bikeability proposal shared with LTA and other agencies.
  18. One  App to feedback on issue. When you don't know which agencies owns which 

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