Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sketch by Wailim

Sometime a sketch can simply express a moment in time. This is by Wailim 
by Wai lim

Bikes for Tykes - A fun and practical guide for kids learning to cycle

Its amazing how things can happen. This time... it was from Momo! The book was shared to me by Momo! She saw this book in the school compound. It was lying in a dusty corner. She picked it up and asked the librarian if she could borrow it. The librarian was surprised because nobody wanted to borrow this book. So she simply put it at a very lonely corner. Momo felt that I would like it and we read the book tonight.
It's not overtly "lecturely" but it works! The presentation is a cartoony graphic approach to illustrate how to ride a bicycle. It's a great combination of information and story that will encourage the child and parent to try to ride a bike.
The coolest thing is... this book is authored by Azhar Yusof! He is a lecturer in the PESS academy group at the National institute of education, Singapore (NIE)
The nice illustration was done by Eliz Ong, a singapore illustrator who studied art at Nanyang Academy of fine arts.
Do check your local library or Amazon if you like to buy one and keep. Its really good!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cycling around Taiwan by Lion Group Tour agency

This looks like the Chan Brothers (big tour agency) in a Taiwan context.  The tour agency is called Lion group Its really heartening to see tour agency doing this tour format which will make the experience a very unique and memorable one. 
If there is a chance, I really like have a go to do this on a more regular basis. 

Below video talks about cycling about the next way to explore a country. This is a global trend and how the Lion group is embracing this wave to share Taiwan in a eco and fun way.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taiwan Etude movie trailer @ 2007

Photo credit by

This is the movie that kickstarted a wave of round island (feedback to me by my Taiwanese friends) I can't find the show anywhere.. but what I have googled.. this is what is about.
The famous quote was "somethings are such that if you don't do it now, you might not have another time to do it". This actually motivated the CEO of Giant, Mr King Liu to try the island loop!
"Ming-hsiang is a determined person and he also has a hearing problem. At times he is withdrawn from the activity around him and in his own space. However, he is frequently drawn into interactions with various people along the way. Ming-hsiang's sensitivity to the people he meets and the sometimes overwhelming friendliness shown toward him by others make the film very moving.
The style of the film blurs the line with documentary. Whatever flaws there may be in the production, they are made up for by the wonderful way the island of Formosa and its people are shown. Although there are scenes that take in some spectacular scenery, these do not overwhelm the characters in the film"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Slow cycling Taiwan

This is Mr Li 林惠忠 who shares about slow riding movement in Taiwan. Its not just slow speed but being comfortable with just "rambling" around. Being able to enjoy the environment and the company of others.  What a kindred spirit!

Video Transcript in English
Mr Li says
Why u cycle on the PCN ? There is no traffic light. Its faster, in terms of time but not because I cycle very fast. When you drive, you need to find a parking spot. If you take a bus/MRT, you might have to switch to another bus or MRT line. It takes up precious time.
Also by cycling, I found out that I can talk to strangers on the road. Its a nice feeling to say "halow" loudly as we meet on the streets. I found the "humanness" in the big city. A simple smile and "good morning" . When I cycle home, its my most enjoyable moment. Everyday! When the sun sets, you put away ur daily stress and tiredness... just cycle slowly home.  Looking at the ever changing views. There is no one. Its quiet but its a nice precious moment. You are relaxed and at home with yourself.
Taiwan is a beautiful island. We should use the bicycle to understand her more.  I went to many countries to cycle and I still feel Taiwan is the most beautiful.  When I shared my slides, now in power point. Many people will ask me "where's this place"? All will guess every places... but it is actually in Taiwan!  Their faces would have that incredulous look.."how can that be possible??? I cycle there before but I have never seen it"
Mr Li smiles... "because you have been cycling too fast!!!"  The mentality need to adjust. To slow down. When you slow down... everything is easier.....
Mr Li perspective of cycling.
Cycling is to relax yourself. Don't be so caught up with speed nor the distance. Don't just be in a hurry to get it over and done with.  There are cyclists who are too "uptight" . It feels more like a competitive sports. I think its a real pity. We are not competitive athletes. Cycling is more than that.  I have 8 important words I live by.  "Slow cycle, Slow life, happy ride, happy living".  (慢骑,慢活,乐骑,乐活)
Not just cycling slowly and finding the shortest distance. But when you slow down, its becomes much much more easier to look up and appreciate the nature and the environment.  That's the most important element of slow cycle.  And then perhaps you will ask yourself..."what's the hurry? " and slowly embrace slow living. This is the foundation of "happy cycling" 乐骑. The route you plan is comfortable, is easy and then this becomes "easy living" 乐活. Lohas. Simple life!
Cycling is a simple thing. To understand the benefits... just go and cycle!
The Five senses
We are different from animals. We have senses. We can see, we can hear, we can smell, We can touch... and we can feel.
Heart! The cool thing in cycling is that we use all the senses and we can smell the rice fields, the cigarette smoke, the rippling of the water flowing. When the wind blows and sand hit your face. You can really feel and know that its painful.
Using your heart. We are rational creatures. We always have things we should do or not do. But when we cycle, the logical part of the mind is shelved. We use our heart to feel the place, together with the variuous senses.  And relax.... this is when you will realised. Its not where you go...every place is ok! Its a special feeling!
Mr li introduces Jin shan... and the places to see.. and to eat. Not too long distance.  Very LCSG style!  A motley crew and electic collection of bikes.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

LCSG visit the western end of Singapore -1st June 2014

Photo credit Eugene Wee

Photo credit Esther Lim
It started innocently enough. Have you wondered how the western tip of Singapore look like? I mean we have gone to many parts of Singapore but western sector is usually avoided. The talk of bad road conditions, pot holes, bad air and crazy speeding container trailers roaming around..... usually put an end to the thought.  
But not this time. I floated the idea to Lovecyclingsg folks and organised it. This is the event list which generated quite some buzz..  I called it "Song Song to Jurong ride" .... half expecting a poor turnout but 60-70 riders turned out on the sunday morning and we rolled merrily exploring the industrial heartlands of Jurong and Tuas.

I guess many are game to see a place they never visit and I think my "trump card" was the Tuas lighthouse. Here's some photos taken by the folks and the route we took and I also left my favorite sticker on the last lamp post.... just for a nice memory. Enjoy searching for it!