Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taiwan Etude movie trailer @ 2007

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This is the movie that kickstarted a wave of round island (feedback to me by my Taiwanese friends) I can't find the show anywhere.. but what I have googled.. this is what is about.
The famous quote was "somethings are such that if you don't do it now, you might not have another time to do it". This actually motivated the CEO of Giant, Mr King Liu to try the island loop!
"Ming-hsiang is a determined person and he also has a hearing problem. At times he is withdrawn from the activity around him and in his own space. However, he is frequently drawn into interactions with various people along the way. Ming-hsiang's sensitivity to the people he meets and the sometimes overwhelming friendliness shown toward him by others make the film very moving.
The style of the film blurs the line with documentary. Whatever flaws there may be in the production, they are made up for by the wonderful way the island of Formosa and its people are shown. Although there are scenes that take in some spectacular scenery, these do not overwhelm the characters in the film"


  1. Hey Taiwoon, I'm glad that you recommended this show. I managed to catch it from this website Just in case you haven't watch it's for those who appreciate the simple things in life...