Sunday, June 1, 2014

LCSG visit the western end of Singapore -1st June 2014

Photo credit Eugene Wee

Photo credit Esther Lim
It started innocently enough. Have you wondered how the western tip of Singapore look like? I mean we have gone to many parts of Singapore but western sector is usually avoided. The talk of bad road conditions, pot holes, bad air and crazy speeding container trailers roaming around..... usually put an end to the thought.  
But not this time. I floated the idea to Lovecyclingsg folks and organised it. This is the event list which generated quite some buzz..  I called it "Song Song to Jurong ride" .... half expecting a poor turnout but 60-70 riders turned out on the sunday morning and we rolled merrily exploring the industrial heartlands of Jurong and Tuas.

I guess many are game to see a place they never visit and I think my "trump card" was the Tuas lighthouse. Here's some photos taken by the folks and the route we took and I also left my favorite sticker on the last lamp post.... just for a nice memory. Enjoy searching for it! 


  1. oh man, i should have followed you guys,
    i have 3 questions to ask...
    the last pics where the 2 cyclists stood to pose, where is that place ?
    and the group pic at the lighthouse, is that that Raffles Marina ?
    and the last lamppost, where is that?

    thank you for ur answers

  2. Yes, its inside Raffles marina. The light house as well.

    The last lamp post is end of Tuas Ave 5. There have been more construction since then and its technically not the western most lamp post. I just made that up for a laugh.

  3. thank you for ur reply,
    i forgot to ask

    the last pics where the 2 cyclists stood to pose, where is that place ?

    1. No problem Adrian, the 2 cyclists stood to pose - its inside the Raffles marina, close to the pool.

  4. Finally, in 2020, amidst the COVID-19, this "last lamppost" is now famously known as the "Tuas lamppost #1". A Facebook post of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Ong about the decision to allow stickers to be placed on this lamppost--the only exception in Singapore. Several newspapers including Today, CNA and Sin MING daily publish about the story. It even got a special Google pin and collected 29 reviews with a 4.5 stars rating.
    Well done Taiwoon and Lovecycling folks!