Monday, June 21, 2010

MTB at bukit timah 20th June 2010

wah lau eh... MTB is hard work... but fun.. Uses different muscles sets...  as they say picture tells a thousand here goes!

This is how we look just before we start......


Friday, June 11, 2010

momo and her strawberry bike

It was late in the evening and on our way back from granny home. I found momo a bit sad and whinny... So I decided to bring her downstairs to ride her bicycle... immediately a smile on her face! The nice thing is that we saw mr snail...

How time flies, I bought the bicycle about 6months back and she barely could touch the pedals.. Actually, what happened was that we were out strolling at Changi village and there was a neighbourhood bicycle shop. Parked outside the shop was a nice strawberry colored children bicycle... she sat on it and smiled so nicely to us... What can I do... so we bought it and strawberry bike back .

Fast forward... 6months... she is now beginning to learn to pedal on her own power... and  it is very happy to watch her grow...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

why ride?


Riding is fun... more fun if u have like minded folks who just loves to ride. It is not about the bike...about ur fancy gear. Just ride and feel the wind on ur face and be happy! Oh.. it will also gives u a good appetite too!
Thanks Francis for the photo!

interesting bike bag

As u cycle around, one of the most important item is a bag to carry the nicks and nacks.. Here is a nice concept by a designer who came up with bag that is hooked to the handle bars… has a place for a lock too

this is how bread looks like

took this shot at Balestier road. There is a few old breadshop around
 the area and I always pass it...this time I stopped and looked around. Only on a bicycle. I asked around and apparently they sell this bread to Ya kun coffee house.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going to a familiar place on a bike

6th June, sunday  and I woke up bright and early to meet Francis and TC for the a ride around balestier rd, Mt pleasant rd area.  730am at Balestier road is nice... very little traffic and the air is cool. TC took us to his usual route to work...and it was really amazing how another street is transformed by a park connector. I didnt know there was one at that area... and it was really nice riding along the canal...looking at the fishes. Yes, there are little fishes swimming in the canal.. I think the waters are getting better...

As we rode on, I just blurbed out.. "i like to see mount pleasant, dun know how it looks like" . For the people who dun know SG, we have very like hills, so "mount pleasant" sounds abit weird... but there is actually a road of that name...  As it happens, we were at the junction of mount pleasant and rode into the road. It was a gentle climb with colonial style houses along side... the highlight was a mega banyan tree. We stopped by and took photos.. rode around taking photos of old houses and ended at Rangoon road famous Bar ku teh..

got fish meh?
check out the banyan tree  
Francis with his fluorescent cape

100 year old house near ACS
rummaging around
better bar kut teh around
having good company..priceless

Thursday, June 3, 2010

visit to my old playground

 Dun know if i am getting old. But recently i found myself thinking of old times. in particular, the playground at Toa payoh.
I used to walk pass this playground as a schoolboy and it was very ordinary... But somehow the mental picture remains stuck in my mind. So on my van servicing, I took Flamingo and rode from Sin ming to Toapayoh.... just to find the playground... and hopefully it still exist... You know in SG, in the name of progress, nothing stays the same.

Here are some photos I took and while the sand is gone and the animals are painted in crazy colors.. it was still the playground animals behind all the paint... and they look abit smaller than I remembered..

hello... how are you? 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ride of silence 22nd May 2010

Ride of silence event on 22 May... First time attended a mass bicycle ride... amazing turnout despite the rain. I am really glad I came as it is not very common to see SG folks coming together for a common cause. To remember the fallen cyclists, promote safe cycling and share the road. I got to know this due to the unfortunate accident on Ben of the Pedal!damm it blog.
His blog is here..
I don't know him personally but enjoyed reading his travel blogs and stories... seemed like a really nice guy who loves bicycles... but he is gone now. RIP.

Back to ROS, there were no fancy music, no competition feeling. Lycra men,
MTB, fixie, foldie folks all waited patiently and rode together. With the slight drizzle coming down from the heavens, it almost seems that someoneupthere is also feeling sad too.