Friday, March 6, 2015

LCSG and Nparks Bike workshop @ Jurong 28th Feb 2015

When a community comes together to do help and make a difference, its always inspiring and delightful to see. Thats what happened on the 28th Feb 2015 when Lovecyclingsg did the cycling workshop at Jurong for the public.  We were supported by Nparks who kindly provided the venue and light refreshments for the attendees. 
About 40 attended the workshop lead ably by LCSG Angels Pierre Chew, Tiger Wan Gracie Koh, Cha Cha Ray, Seng tat, nixs and afew more.  
The workshop was a hands-on approach, in LCSG style.  
I see, I forget, I do and get my hands dirty I remember for life :) 
It was pared down to the basic essentials to make it easier to remember. Learning to change out the tubes(which happens) and checking the brakes and general parts are in a working condition(for safety).  
I am especially happy when I see newbies trying to out to fix their issues with the help of the more experienced riders. This is really an expression of a communal help. Kampong spirit!  Well done. 

Thank you LCSG Angels and Nparks for the great workshop. You folks rock! 

getting into it

young participant learning from uncle Pierre

live demo 

Oh gossip.. we have to do this??? yes. 

sweat.... slowy ok!