Monday, May 26, 2014

LCSG 13th April 2014 Bike handling workshop

At Lovecyclingsg, we believe the best way of training is to learn by doing.  This effort was led by George Lim with many helpers for the common good of the community.  Have a look at the photos where the community learned the finer skill of bike handling specific to Singapore environment.
Some drills that was practised that day.
1) Learning to cycle slowly in the middle of 2 rows of cone. The intent is to simulate tight situation on the roads and also the pavement.  Moderating the speed with brakes and keeping a stable balance.
As the class progressed, the cones were moved closer to increase technical difficulty and give the riders confidence
2) S course. This helps the rider understand their bike handling and turning radius needed
3) E braking. Learn to use both brakes to stop cleanly and confidently.
4) Riding slow from one point to the other. This helps esp on pavement situation and tight lines riders face
We are also very happy to have the Nparks team coming and share more on what they are doing and also the signage that is common in the PCN.

Keens Sandals review after 4 years of use

This is my 4+ year old Keen Sandal
I first knew this brand Keen in a very funny way back 4-5 years ago. My army sandals broke as I was walking around the shopping centre. Just outside World of Sport Kovan. So I went in to get a pair of Keens Newport H2 sandals. It felt instantly comfy when I wore it. Very expensive purchase for me then... but trust me. Its damm good . They became my choice for cycling since then.
Here's one online reviewer that shows the full gammut of review

Mud or rain.. its all cool. ...........
@ green corridor 

Old compared with the new Sandal
My artistic sewing... at least I tried.. 
This is how it looked 4 years later. I glued and stitched it as the straps and sole came out a few time. With DIY, I was able to extend it for much much longer.  Uncle KC told me, better way is to use fishing line,heavy duty needle(Beach road market) and a pair of  pilers to muscle it thru.
Yesterday,  I got another pair of Keens as there was a big 50% discount at World of Sport. Only for the display items.  Not my fav color but hey... its 50%.  Go get them, they are good!

Best of all... u also get a free "tatoo" that says u are a Keen guy/gal! :)
cool tatoo. Photo credits  Lim Kee tiong @ LCSG FB