Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recce to upcoming Jan ride to Pengerang

Today a group of riders took their personal time to recce the route to Pengerang. To actually test out if it was suitable for all newbies, in all shapes and sizes. I am very hearten and very happy to see what passion and fun can drive people to do things beyond the ordinary. From their feedback, it seems doable and I guess we will be making a trip announcement come Jan! Stay tuned and check forum for the confirmation
Andy, Darren, Clarence, David, GL, Mary and Rini (another person, I dun know ur name)thank you for ur efforts!  Check out the recce photos they have taken...

 Recce team!
from left, Darren, Andy, GL, Rini,Mary, and David

real deal Satay...
riding along kampong roads.. 

metal lobster sculpture
check out the lobsters!!!

Ostrich paradise

big ostrich egg

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yokohama bay area....

Full solid day of meeting at the supplier place and when it was over, I zipped off with the trusty Carryme, using instructions from Takenouchi san...  to explore some parts of Yokohama bay...Started from Yokohama station, I headed to the bay area where there was a gigantic ferris wheel. The lighting on the ferris wheel was really bright and changes with times. Seems like a popular area for both locals and tourists alike. Later at night, it drizzled and put a damper to my ride.. and it was cold!  Lucky with wheels, I can find train stations quickly and went back to Shinagawa where I was staying. Yokohama seems like a nice place, and I hope I will be back soon. Here are some snaps to capture the moment.

more photos here...
Carryme with Big ferris wheel
Red Brick warehouse
nice and peaceful

Having dinner with Carryme at the local food court

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creativity needed in the eleven hour...

Here are some photos of the Carryme in my hotel room. It was transported to Tokyo, using the packaging it was sold with...  The Carryme folds to very small package and this is how small it is.. really small.
Carry me, the little folding bike that goes everywhere you go...

I just remembered that I would need to cover the Carryme when  I take the train tomorrow ... and I don't have bike cover. I was thinking to buy one at Japan but didn't have time to go buy one today with the meeting lasting till evening. Initially I called the help desk for a black trash bag... but they dun have.. apparently trashbag in Japan in clear. I started rummaging around the room and I call the help desk to get found a laundry bag... and it fitted perfectly! I just need 2.... not pretty but I think it works! Check out my master piece...and wish me luck tomorrow!
Take 2 laundry bags.. cut one end out...
and u get a bike cover!!!

Carryme along the Shinagawa river

Zipped out real early today to have a morning ride. The sun was just out and the weather was a chilly 12 degrees with a breeze.  Rolling along the river was a nice treat, seeing people going to work, and seagulls flying in the sky. The leaves are now turning yellow and falling off.. I know if I didnt bring my bike... I will not have experience this wonderful views...what more can I ask.. Life is beautiful!

more photos here

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carryme at Tokyo

Due to work, (really lah), I am back to Tokyo again. This time I took Carryme to do some exploration (after work). Touched down and checked into Shinagawa Strings which is a lovely hotel. Opened the box, screwed on the pedals, flick open the bike and I was out on the bike path in no time. 
 I rode to the direction of tokyo tower, snapped afew photo of the carry me with the lovely view and grab some dinner... it will be a long meeting tomorrow.. I guess my only chance to ride is morning.... Here are first shots of Carryme at Tokyo. I know it looks like a clown bike, but strangely it works and it works just fine! I got to go change the seat to something more comfy though.....
Carryme with Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower...where I had my dinner at 9pm!
Rode back to shinagawa train station

Monday, November 22, 2010

another nice ride with friends

Raise ur hands if u have a good time!! Photo by Francis Chu
24 cycling friends turned up at Botanical Gardens today and as usual.. many different rides and wheel sizes.  We had Henry with his super duper Recumbent, some fixies, roadies, MTB, some Dahon, Brompton ,MTB, and 2 red Carrymes!  It was quite a sight riding in formation with a motley crew of bikes and most importantly of all,  friends being made and chatting over their bike parts and also looking strangely at the red Carrymes... "sure or not can ride ah???"
Adid and Matt chatting ..TW will be soooo shacked later... hahhaha

"sure or not can ride?" 

Along the way to Margaret drive, we met a very big and dead Python and it  caused the group to break contact. I  had to backtrack and find the lost sheep... and they taking photos of the poor dead snake!!!.. and yes,it was a real big one.. 
A big and very dead snake
The most noisy table... hehee
We then had kopi and breakfast at Margret drive. Pls go there asap as I was talking to the stall owner... the market will stop operation come Feb next year. Some stores already closed.  Oh, do go to 2nd floor and try the Guo tie (gyzoa)... it is very very very good.

Farwell my Queentown bowling centre..... I will remember u!

We also have a nice group shot at Queenstown bowling centre where I used to go quite often in my poly days.. and now it just sits there, abandoned, and waiting to be demolished.  After getting our bellies topped up with nice popiah, carrot cake and coffee...everyone was still fresh so we headed towards Tiong Baru estate. Reaching there, I chose an urban technical obstacle course route for the team and it was funny to see how the riders navigated the path and  ride along the very tight alley ways and turns. Cool! Sorry guys.. I couldnt help it... :)  
Doing a lap around Tiong Baru, we went to yet to another location.. this time Tanjong pagar Station and we had a nice cool drink at the station plattform.  Also some minor drama with the security where we ....that was quite interesting. Looking at the train station, I wonder if this will be the last time I see it in the original fa├žade. 
Nice ride with great company… roll on!

more photos here...
more of the ride at 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kim and Carryme

A small revolution is happening around the office and I am being asked more about bicycles and more on folding bikes. So today I went down with Joe to help him find a nice folding bike.. .he was actually aiming for the Reach SL folding racing bike which he could use for triathlon. And he mentioned about Diginexx.. so we went along to see see look look. But I was more interested in the  most funny bike in the stable.. the Pacific Carry me.  It was twitchy as hell and the brakes didn't work that well... but it made me laugh. And I noticed one very crazy thing.. everyone who rode it laughed and smiled alot!  Man, I got to have it.. and I chose a Ferrari red one and brought it home. Expecting to be reprimanded.. but Kim smiled when I showed the bike to her.. and she tried it at the void deck.... and she smiled and went zipping around...  What a lovely feeling! I am getting another.. because it is so fun!

More photos here..
momo and mummy

chasing each other

Momo and Kim vying for Carryme
Folded mode 

21th nov ride-Botanical gardens to margaret drive

Hello folks, 
We will do this Botanical Garden- Dempsey road to Margaret drive this Sunday. It will be similar to this ride we did on Sept.. click here to see more

Meeting location : Botanical Gardens Main gate
Date: 21st Nov, Sunday
Time: 0730, expected to end around 11ish

we will meet at BG main gate @0730
see the old queenstown bowl and old HDB.. before they are gone..
old skool market with damm good food

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Information on Northern park connector Network Cycling Trails

I saw this at NParks website which was pretty well done in my opinion. It is a route on the newly opened Northen Park connector routes. One area near to the zoo, heads into a forest which is nice and is paved with small gravel. It makes for a interesting ride and have to keep speeds low due to foldies small wheel. But definetly doable for foldies as we have shown on the last week ride. Looks like someone at NParks have been working hard... and I am looking forward to more routes to explores the Ulu parts of SG. Good on you NParks!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

MBS, HP Alumi and Lovecycling group riding together

We had a wonderful ride with friends, alot of them..coming from Mybikeshop, HP Alumni and of course -- team. More importantly, we had a special "guest" appearance - Andreas, all the way from Amsterdam! The route started from Yishun Stadium, using PCN to reach Woodlands waterway park. There was some carnival and booths with some crazy dancing demonstration. Frankly, it was too noisy and busy for my liking so we took it easy and just strolled around the waterline. Really nice and pleasant weather made the ride so much more enjoyable. We ended the ride with makan at Khatib food centre, created some commotion there too...Lastly, thanks Eddie for the Video, Clarence, Andy, GL and others for making it easy and safe for all!  

TC and Andreas
Kenneth looking cool
we are off!
lovecycling team smiling enroute
Jimm,Vince, Ryan and Brandon
Andy making sure no one gets left behind
overlooking is Johor Baru, from Woodlands waterfront park
20 + bikes parked at the market place...
"this my friend, is the real deal... heartlander style!" says Tao to Andres

more photos of the event here