Sunday, November 14, 2010

MBS, HP Alumi and Lovecycling group riding together

We had a wonderful ride with friends, alot of them..coming from Mybikeshop, HP Alumni and of course -- team. More importantly, we had a special "guest" appearance - Andreas, all the way from Amsterdam! The route started from Yishun Stadium, using PCN to reach Woodlands waterway park. There was some carnival and booths with some crazy dancing demonstration. Frankly, it was too noisy and busy for my liking so we took it easy and just strolled around the waterline. Really nice and pleasant weather made the ride so much more enjoyable. We ended the ride with makan at Khatib food centre, created some commotion there too...Lastly, thanks Eddie for the Video, Clarence, Andy, GL and others for making it easy and safe for all!  

TC and Andreas
Kenneth looking cool
we are off!
lovecycling team smiling enroute
Jimm,Vince, Ryan and Brandon
Andy making sure no one gets left behind
overlooking is Johor Baru, from Woodlands waterfront park
20 + bikes parked at the market place...
"this my friend, is the real deal... heartlander style!" says Tao to Andres

more photos of the event here


  1. how nice, there must be over 100 cyclists?

  2. Ah! Andy! I thought your T-shirt looked familiar!

    You overtook me, was wearing a yellow tee at Amk ave 6!

  3. Francis, yes there was at least 100 riders... nice feeling to see that we have so many riders in SG!

  4. It must be daunting for all those introvert cyclists in the group :)

  5. how i wish i can join u guys..

  6. hello,
    U can..this sunday there is a ride from Novea Velocity to Botanical Gardens to Dempsey rd to Margaret drive...

  7. @ Starringme - haha saw 1 cyclist along amk ave6
    didnt is u