Friday, November 12, 2010

Toufu shop around Ueno area

I found this Toufu shop in a narrow side lane while roaming the streets of Tokyo. The shop looks like it has been the same for 100 years. In the dark nite, the shop glowed and stood quietly... as if it was waiting for me. I actually rode pass it and rode back to see. There was just something really special. So I stopped, looked and took pictures. Inside the small shop was a middle aged man busy washing and preparing for the next day. No music, no fancy brochure. Just tubs, more tubs and the sound of running water. In the orange light, time seems to have stopped. This is Japan.
peeling paint... wonder how many winter it gone thru


  1. Reminds me of Initial D move w the car race around the mountains. Jay Chou la. Trust you to notice such an interesting place TW!

  2. How u find cycling at nite in Tokyo? Safe?

  3. Cycling at nite in Tokyo was fine. I had my helmet and blinkers on. Same as SG, need to watch out for cars and pedestrians.

  4. @Matt, oh, I forgot, they had bikepaths which make it that much safer.

    @Al, yes... when I saw the shop.. I could feel initial D and drifting.. :)

  5. The tofu shop is absolutely charming, time stood still there, I hope there is someone to carry on the tradition of making toufa forever in his shop, these are the things I missed most in these days of modernisation and progress.