Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carryme along the Shinagawa river

Zipped out real early today to have a morning ride. The sun was just out and the weather was a chilly 12 degrees with a breeze.  Rolling along the river was a nice treat, seeing people going to work, and seagulls flying in the sky. The leaves are now turning yellow and falling off.. I know if I didnt bring my bike... I will not have experience this wonderful views...what more can I ask.. Life is beautiful!

more photos here


  1. Did you find a bike shop for accessories? Carryme bag possibility?

  2. A simple cover nlyon bag cost 5300yen... I bought one to make it simpler to transport on the train. I will be at the locality.. and if u want, I can get one for u...if I can back the shop...