Monday, February 23, 2015

Milestone for Momo

22nd Feb 2015. Sunday. 
This is the section that runs parallel to Coney Island. Nicest stretch!

We went for a ride around the North Eastern Riverine PCN Loop
Taken from Npark website 
That's very near where we live at Punggol Fields. It's a nice ride and a special one. Because she did it all under her own power and completed the whole route. 
Pungol waterway. My neighbourhood! 
I really like the part nearer to the Punggol Jetty where Nparks kept a small path of dirt. This made it bit more challenging for Momo but not impossible for her to ride.  It was nice also to see a lone kite circling around the sky near Coney Island. That's not too often a sight in our urbanised country. 
bumpity bumpity 
Its fun 
That's Coney Island. I remember doing army beach head exercises here. Before the wall was made. 
The path was more crowded when we were at Punggol End. We saw many families and people. Some were cycling, some sitting at the steps facing the sea, enjoying the sea breeze. Its a nice lepak feeling.  
Sitting at the steps and enjoying the sea breeze 
Couples on a tandem 
Momo keeping left, watching out for traffic as we neared the Punggol end. 

Boats at Punggol Marina 
New bike rental @ Punggol Marina
We carried on towards Punggol Marina and it was here, Momo complained that her butt hurts bit . I told her it was around 1/3 of the journey and lets do it slowly together. With plenty of stops, chats and encouragement, we eventually managed to complete the journey. It was a 20km ride and while its not in any way Epic distance. I am really proud of her. For her persistence and determination to continue the ride. I could see she was also very pleased with herself to have done it. She told me" very tired but fun. And jelly legs" haha..:) 
Do try out this route with your child some day. Its really fun! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

All you need to know about Thumbshifter or Thumbies

This is an excellent collection by Rafael of Spain on  how thumbies/thumbshifters can be used on bicycles.  With Google instant translate, I am able to make up what he wrote.  You got to see this if you are looking to try a new/older way of shifting.  
Screen grab from

I suppose these are not for every one in an era of Brifters... why would you even bother doing it the "Old" way?  I thought so initially as well until I got to try thumbies on my old Trek 930 
Its like driving a manual car, you need finese and once u get it, the drive train sound so sweet!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Simple life simple pleasures

I had a nice morning with my little girl, Momo. She asked if we could have Mac Donald's for Breakfast. Yes sir, they are not exactly the breakfast of champions nor the most healthy choice. But when I see her doey eyes, the answer was clear. We will have Mac Donalds! 
Welfie using the HTC RE camera 
Check out the wide pavement @ Punggol. This is prime potential for a cycling path! 
It was about 3 km away and we took the bicycle. The morning air was cooling and nice for a ride.  On a sat morning, there was also less frantic traffic which was good for riding. 
Rolling slowly and feeling a cool breeze brushing on my face
Momo says Yummy!!!
The journey was 95% on Pavement and we took special care to slow down when pedestrians were near by. No fuss no funny look. Just plenty of smile when they see my little gal with her Mega smile and pink bike. 
Let's go explore a different path home.... 
We found a nice playground! 
Let's pump it up 
Life is simple. Lets not complicate things. The best things in life are just around you. Treasure them, Love them. 
Momo: "Daddy, i like it very much.. can we do it again?" Me:"  hahah of course!"  

LTA focus group on cycling 2015

Dr Faisal, Francis and myself @ the LTA focus group
Attended LTA Focus group on Cycling yesterday evening. The aim was to share and feedback how best to make cycling safer in Singapore. We were asked to keep the discussion confidential for now and I am sure LTA will share the findings in due course.  
I am glad to share my thoughts directly and see so many passionate cycling advocates there too.
Kevin who cycle commutes regularly 

Siva who has being documenting the cycling progress over the years and ecology advocate shares his thoughts 

 Loveyclingsg will continue to help and contribute in what ever we can.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Japanese folks bring their road bikes into the subway

We all know folding bikes are easy to multi mode travel. That is, cycle abit and perhaps take a train to a further place. Deploy the folding bike and explore abit.
However with a road bike it's almost unheard of to do so in Singapore. In Japan, this is quite normal. I saw that its possible in Japan and the 2 video shows you how to pack your road bike and take the train.

On the SG train
Francis Chu is like the only person I see bringing a full size bike into MRT in SG

Nice non preachy cycling manners booklet by Tokyo X2

Simple and non preachy approach
As cycling gets popular in any city, tensions would no doubt arise due to dangerous riding and inconsiderate behaviors both on the cyclists and drivers part. This booklet by TojyoX2 is trying to address that, before it gets out of hand.
This is a very cool and non-preachy approach by Tokyo X2 which aims to impart courtesy and proper cycling manners in Japan. Full information here. 
They even have a full set of cycling hand signals which over time can help make cyclist's intention(if turning or stopping) easier to understand by cars and bus drivers.

Video on hand signals 
I also feel this is would also work in Singapore. Concentrating on a simple, non judgement presentation on what is proper cycling manners and not appear to be too contrived. What do you think?
Nice style and not soo "stiff"... or holy then you 
Make it humourous but gettting the message across. Dont cycle in a wide formation
Cyclist keep left 

Small steps forward for a better cycling experience at Johor Baru

I saw a thread on Facebook and it was about painting  a wider yellow line on the road..... and the bicycle icon.  Although it seems like a trival thing to do but  it sure creates more awareness for cycling/cyclists. Well done JB and Happy Riders Connect group! 
Photo credit - "happy riders Connect FB

Thursday, February 5, 2015

SingaPlural 2015 Installation Art piece for SG 50, with wheels naturally :)

I was invited by my friend Bacus to participate in SFIC (Singapore Furniture Industries) SingaPlural event 2015.
For those who don't know about him. Bacus is one person I respect greatly for his passion and action for Singapore Design. So I agreed to do it without second thought.  2015 had also an added meaning due to SG 50. That is our country, Singapore is 50!
With a theme being "Connecting the Dots and Process" it was quite difficult initially to come up with ideas. I took quite some time and asked myself what would be a good statement for SG50 and the SG design environment. 

I looked at Art history for inspiration... and the iconic Bicycle wheel by Marcel Duchamp came up. I was really intrigued... Is this Art????? What Marcel Duchamp did in 1913 was to challenge just that. What IS Art? Why should art just be about beautiful painting.. or "Retinal" art as the master said. He simply took ready made items and displayed them as ART. I guess it is to provoke critical thinking and open discussions. I thought that was really amazing. This is way in 1913... thats more than 100 years. Can you imagine the out roar it must have been then.  
This was what inspired me. I named it "Ode to Duchamp". You will know why when you see it come Early March. This art installation, you can touch. 
Oh yes, we will ride down with Lovecyclingsg folks to see all the amazing and interesting design exhibits  and installation.
Pray for me I can make it work:)  


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Toyota Corolla of bicycles. Trek 830

This is a typical 1980s frame and they don't come like this any more.  Oh wait, maybe Surly and Salsa. 
A rock steady Chromoly steel frame with Canti brakes and 7 speed on the rear. It also features the mounting eyelets for easy mounting of front and rear racks. Racks are not terribly sexy but they do a damm good job of carrying your load. Be it a pannier or the daily grocery or just that 4 pack of chicken rice you went to "tar pau"  
The amazing thing is they are like a Toyota Corolla. Little flash, under appreciated but super reliable.They just kept rolling and rolling. 
I saw him standing there when I was looking for wheels for my art installation at the local junk yard market. 
I thought I should just get it and take out the wheels - keep the frame. So I asked uncle if I could take a test ride and he said yes. I rode around the area, checking if the bike track straight and yes the magic ride of steel.
Everything was shaky as hell but its ok.  Rust had become like a protective coating on the parts. It wasn't trying to be retro... it is old. I think late 80s. This is how he looks as it is. This is the Toyota Corolla of bicycles!  

RE camera by HTC - First look

RE and my trusty all weather Lumix DMC-FT5
I read about this product name RE by HTC at the usual electronic sites like Engadget and Gizmodo sometime last year.  It reminded me of an asthma inhaler and also the archetype form of the SAF L torch. Seriously. Have a look. 
This what we use in the Army 

This is what you use when u have asthma
I laughed it off and felt the company was trying too hard to come up with another innovative product esp. with their dismal performance in the smartphone space. 
OMFG... What the hell were they thinking? 
RE in this smarty stylo packaging
And then during the Dec holidays in Taiwan, I got a first hand experience of seeing this device in action by Marcus. It was quite a nice camera. 
Mega wife by Marcus using RE during our Taiwan Dec Trip

Now, it's not going to replace ur DSLR and point and shoot camera but will complement it. What I thought had worked very well was how fast you can draw it out and take the image. Take in very different angles, low down on the ground or above the head.  A selfie, Wefie, taking your breakfast or just some random spot/moment u like to capture. 
The diminutive size is really an asset. Its definitely fit the gap between GoPro and a small fast compact. I also like it because the battery life is a lot longer than Gopro and its weatherproof as a default. 
I have not had time to try this in detail but this is how it looks as I took it out from the packaging.  
This is what you get. The camera, Mini USB cable, Lanyard and a plastic cap to screw lanyard... and instruction manual
Looks simple enough
Here's some additional shots. 
I had some fuzzing around to connect to my iPhone but not too tough to make it work. More in depth feedback in the coming weeks. 
If you can't wait, do check out Desmond photos taken in our sunday Lovecyclingsg ride.