Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oneservice app to feedback to all environmental issues

This is a good step forward. Now the general public can just send issues when they see it to the newly set up MSO(Municipal Service Office) - irregardless of which agencies owns which. 
It all started last year when PM Lee shared a hilarious fishball stick story in his National day rally, where no agency "own" the issue and the general public is confused whom to call. 
It can be a fallen tree, broken footway or flooding. This app would be the portal to feedback. I downloaded it and seems pretty intuitive. If I see an issue, I will try it out and hope will reduce the "tennis ball" effect. Let's see. 
You can download the app via MND link. 

Loveyclingsg and Nparks planting event 25th Jan 2015

Photo link is here 
LCSG event link here 
They say the best way to show what is community spirit is simply to do it. This Sunday, we met early morning to do just that.  To replant a stretch of Tampines PCN and help Nparks team make our environment more beautiful. 

Mini Changku!  

Close to 40 folks turn up with their children in tow. We had a briefing by the Nparks team on the proper way of planting and just did it. P1070660
It looked a lot easier than it was. Lots of sweating but I could hear laughter and chatter as we potted the plants... so I guess if I do it again... I would be able to see some more people haha. 


I like this saying very much and in a way we did a little of this...:)
 前人种树,后人乘凉 (forefather plant trees, for the future generation to have shade).
We planted close to 1300 plants with the help of the Nparks team and it was really nice of them to provide some light refreshment for the lovecyclingsg folks.  I have gained a new found respect also for the gardeners who helped maintain the PCN shrubs and greenery. Its not easy and to do this day in an out.  Thank you Nparks for such an nice and meaningful opportunity. Till the next time. Take care!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Change for the better for walking and cycling in Singapore

When our Prime Minister Lee  announced it himself, you better believe it. 
In his actual words in his Facebook account "Cycling is fun! It’s healthy, and a great way to explore our island. We get lots of suggestions on making Singapore more bike-friendly, and cycling a real alternative to cars and buses.
Last November, I offered Ang Mo Kio to pilot ideas for a walking and cycling town. This video shows how we plan to make it safer and more convenient for residents to walk and cycle around AMK, and to get to the MRT station.
We will build an extensive, seamless network of walking and cycling paths, road crossings, and bicycle parking. We will work with residents to nurture mutual respect between motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, so that all can share the space safely.
Not just AMK, but the whole of Singapore, needs to go “car-lite”. Urban Redevelopment Authority and Land Transport Authority have set up a website to showcase ideas and collect feedback. If the pilot in AMK is successful, we will do it in other parts of Singapore. Do let me have your ideas. - LHL"

Making it the towns more walkable and friendly for cycling! I am so happy to see the proposals. It will not happen over night but I am sure we will get there. Yeah!!!
This is a very very good  day!
After watching the video, I hope you can click on the agency website to provide your feedback. Every bit counts!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lone tree @ Punggol Water way

Cycling slowly allows you to see things. Beautiful things, like this lone tree in Punggol waterway. It's become an icon of sorts for LCSG when we go to that area. Its standing there, beside all the hustle and bustle. Standing still, without all it's leaves. It stands. Alone and beautiful. 
Check out how beautiful it is. Photos amazingly taken by Mr Hock Lee Ng. 
Photo by Hock Lee Ng

Photo by Hock Lee Ng
That's where it stands 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Health report card goes red... slightly

I did my health checkup after avoiding it for several years. 

40 years old and my engine is displaying some "errors".... aiyoyoyo..
Cholestrol levels just a bit higher than average + liver not on a optimal level.
After checking with my friend Darren, he adviced that I should "crank up my exercise routine" a little. That means, I should pedal at a slightly faster pace that makes speaking on a bike to require abit more effort.
So for 2015, I am restarting  my "Get fit program".
Not Iron man standard but it's just about getting back my health.
I want a "all black" report card.  

From last week, I did a bit of cycling, more swimming(sunday afternoon) and watch more carefully what I eat. Go easy on Laksa and prawn noodles.
I rode in for 1 hr averaging 25km/h. It took more effort and my legs ached a bit after that. You know I am "king of E.R.P" haha anyway, I felt better; frankly more from getting up and doing something. 
Hey, who am I's early days. Hope I can keep the momentum up. And don't tempt me on the Laksa k :) 

Friday, January 9, 2015

First Lovecyclingsg ride of 2015

Time flies. I visited the old national stadium back in 2010. That was also the first time e rowde as a collective - Lovecyclingsg. I was not sure if anyone would  turn up but they did.  Fast forward, 4th Jan 2015 we had 100+ riders joining us for a ride. Starting from the same point... but now it is named Sportshub. Photos here. 

Back in 2010 - from Left GL, Sitoh, Boo, TC, Adrian, Amy, Francis

100 joined us for a sunday ride... too many to name but fun folks!
Darth Vader would feel right at home here
I guess the concept of playing tourists in our own back yard resonates very well with the community.
The easy going nature of Lovecyclingsg really helps to ease newbie riders to take that first step. We can see father bringing their kids... 
Lam with his son

Or  simply meeting new friends. 
Anna from Poland with Aunty Audrey
Families turning up to ride together.

I really love the kampong (community) spirit we have built up slowly over the years. It's  very precious and yet its free! For riders by riders. Hope we will have many more years of LCSG!  Will you help me continue the momentum?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Riding with your loved one

2015 and wondering how I should start blogging.
Perhaps I should de-clutter first.... And while I was clearing my stuff, I found this proposal which I did for a bicycle competition some time back! I named  it sideways and its inspired by the show Tian Mi Mi. It didn't go pass the first round but I thought its a nice concept anyway.

Bicycles are an incredible way to travel and know someone. With this side rack, the gal can be elegantly seated while the guy cycle along leisurely and have a magical time. Ok... maybe an power assist would also help make it less sweaty while you cycle.... 
So... When was the last time you did cycle slowly and listen to your heart?