Sunday, January 25, 2015

Loveyclingsg and Nparks planting event 25th Jan 2015

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They say the best way to show what is community spirit is simply to do it. This Sunday, we met early morning to do just that.  To replant a stretch of Tampines PCN and help Nparks team make our environment more beautiful. 

Mini Changku!  

Close to 40 folks turn up with their children in tow. We had a briefing by the Nparks team on the proper way of planting and just did it. P1070660
It looked a lot easier than it was. Lots of sweating but I could hear laughter and chatter as we potted the plants... so I guess if I do it again... I would be able to see some more people haha. 


I like this saying very much and in a way we did a little of this...:)
 前人种树,后人乘凉 (forefather plant trees, for the future generation to have shade).
We planted close to 1300 plants with the help of the Nparks team and it was really nice of them to provide some light refreshment for the lovecyclingsg folks.  I have gained a new found respect also for the gardeners who helped maintain the PCN shrubs and greenery. Its not easy and to do this day in an out.  Thank you Nparks for such an nice and meaningful opportunity. Till the next time. Take care!

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