Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Health report card goes red... slightly

I did my health checkup after avoiding it for several years. 

40 years old and my engine is displaying some "errors".... aiyoyoyo..
Cholestrol levels just a bit higher than average + liver not on a optimal level.
After checking with my friend Darren, he adviced that I should "crank up my exercise routine" a little. That means, I should pedal at a slightly faster pace that makes speaking on a bike to require abit more effort.
So for 2015, I am restarting  my "Get fit program".
Not Iron man standard but it's just about getting back my health.
I want a "all black" report card.  

From last week, I did a bit of cycling, more swimming(sunday afternoon) and watch more carefully what I eat. Go easy on Laksa and prawn noodles.
I rode in for 1 hr averaging 25km/h. It took more effort and my legs ached a bit after that. You know I am "king of E.R.P" haha anyway, I felt better; frankly more from getting up and doing something. 
Hey, who am I kidding...it's early days. Hope I can keep the momentum up. And don't tempt me on the Laksa k :) 

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