Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Change for the better for walking and cycling in Singapore

When our Prime Minister Lee  announced it himself, you better believe it. 
In his actual words in his Facebook account "Cycling is fun! It’s healthy, and a great way to explore our island. We get lots of suggestions on making Singapore more bike-friendly, and cycling a real alternative to cars and buses.
Last November, I offered Ang Mo Kio to pilot ideas for a walking and cycling town. This video shows how we plan to make it safer and more convenient for residents to walk and cycle around AMK, and to get to the MRT station.
We will build an extensive, seamless network of walking and cycling paths, road crossings, and bicycle parking. We will work with residents to nurture mutual respect between motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, so that all can share the space safely.
Not just AMK, but the whole of Singapore, needs to go “car-lite”. Urban Redevelopment Authority and Land Transport Authority have set up a website to showcase ideas and collect feedback. If the pilot in AMK is successful, we will do it in other parts of Singapore. Do let me have your ideas. - LHL"

Making it the towns more walkable and friendly for cycling! I am so happy to see the proposals. It will not happen over night but I am sure we will get there. Yeah!!!
This is a very very good  day!
After watching the video, I hope you can click on the agency website to provide your feedback. Every bit counts!

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