Friday, January 27, 2012

Slowly but surely....

Lady rider @ Junction of JTC hill towards Creative
I meet this lady almost every day on my way to work. Riding a simple mini velo with her handbags on the rear rack. Stopping at the junction, she looks on to the road traffic. Green-man lights up, she steps on the pedal and in a few pedal strokes effortlessly zips pass pediastrians to her work place. No fuss, no branded bicycles.. no ra ra show. Just a really nice way to travel to work.  Times are changing.... it is really possible to cycle to work. Have you tried it?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rider profile - Aaron Chan

Aaron with his other half, Yishan
close up of the sweet couple
Aarron with his buddies,  L- Gabriel, Paul, Fendy, Derrick at LCSG Treasure hunt
OAR Tao hwey.... 
Aarron doing the ride briefing before the mission to "attack" OAR mission...
I am very glad to introduce Aarron Chan who recently organises a very well-recieved  "I have a date with Tao hwey at OAR". He together with his buddies, Paul Tan, Gabriel, Leon, Derrick and Reyes have been riding together and also joined the LCSG family.  Sometimes seen with his very nice other half - Yishan, Aarron loves riding and also is the unoffical LCSG record holder of Lau pan Tao hweh - One shot 46 tubs!!!!!  Anyone want to challenge him? 

On that note... Brudder, thank you and ur buddies for contributing to the fun of Lovecyclingsg! Much much appreciated! Now, read more about the man himself! 

* Tell me about yourself
Hi! My name is Aaron. I work as a mobile solution product manager at a local telco. A made in Hong Kong product but imported to Singapore over 20 years ago and pretty much regard myself as more Singaporean than Singaporean. I am just a typical neighborhood geek who loves gadget, gaming and fixing PC for others and now a regular MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra).

* How did you started cycling
I had three market bikes before my current Dahon. The first one when i was in poly, I cycled once from hougang to Temasek Poly in order to impress my then "gf" But that was the only ride. My 2nd bike came along when I experimented cycling from home to hougang mrt during Uni days, and i stopped after it got stolen. I bought a AEON foldie for park-and-ride(bike) to get to my work place in CBD two years ago, that went on for six month. But honestly cycling has never been a hobby for me then, nor was it any fun to me. It was basically a necessity and i actually hated it because i felt it boring, dangerous and tiring.

I decided to re-pick up cycling some time last year after a chat with a friend. I realized that I am at the point of my life where I have most things but something seems missing. At that point i realise I probably needed a hobby, something that I can look forward to doing every week and it should be both fun and physical. After experimenting with a few things, eg.. RC Helicopter, Tennis, Jogging, Thai Boxing… I found cycling!

* Why do you like cycling
Cycling is cheap! (okay, thats a lie)
Cycling is healthy. After started cycling, i managed to clear my IPPT easily, my tummy stopped expanding too (but it is still there)
Cycling brings you to places! (couple of e.g., kranji and bollywood area, punggol-lor halus, garden by the bay and more)
Cycling is environmentally friendly and requires min equipment (also another lie), but I know i can always throw the bike in the boot, drive to somewhere scenic and off I go! (pengarang and taiwan anyone?)
Cycling brought me into a group of over 1000 like minded people, I do not know everyone there but i can easily count > 40 of them as my friends!

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
Last year around Aug, someone mentioned to me that there are a few big cycling groups in Singapore and I should check them out.
I found LCSG on Facebook and coincidentally, Taiwoon+Bernard was organizing a National Day Ride around north-eastern route.

On Aug 9th 2011, i reported to punggol park and honestly i was overwhelmed! More than 40 people of all ages, all bike types from all parts of Singapore gathered in one place "7 early 8 early" to cycle lo! I rode my brand new Dahon Vitesse D7, met a lot of friendly people. I remembered seeing steven, taiwoon, bernard, KSL&Eman, Francis and many more regulars. We hanged out for lunch after the ride, but I am sure none remembers me, hahaha. But the main take-away from that day… is that this group is like a big family la and we welcome all type of bikes!

* Your steel horses- names and more details.
Main ride: Dahon Vitesse D7 --> Dahon Vitesse x20d
I bought a Vitesse from Lifecycle last year. I should have listened to Simon when he told me that I am going to "outgrown" it soon enough. Since then, I have slowly modified my vitesse w shorter handlebar stem, seat post, then full ultegra set w bullhorn and now drop bar!
2nd ride: Dahon Eco C6 , bought this for my fiancee 

* Your favorite cycling kakis
Too many to name la! Almost everyone in LCSG, especially the regular attendees. But to name a few really close ones, I am glad to have met Paul and Kenneth during a mandai night ride (which only 3 of us came). Thru them, i met Fendy, Leon, Gabriel, Derrick, Edwin and we have remained really close (not in the weird way). Especially after going thru a few unfortunate incident, I realized that we really do CARE. The things done by these guys and LCSG for the injured really touched my heart.

* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
Fun ride: Treasure Hunt @ Punggol, really cool la!!
Training ride: Mandai-YD
Scenic ride: Bishan Kallang Garden by the bay ride (of cuz… since i organized it :P)

* Your role at LCSG
I am just a nobody la… maybe can give me the post of Chief Tau Huay Wang Zi.. but mainly i just like to help out in safety marking, sweep or occasionally plan some rides

* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
During organizing: It is really tough work! Kudos to regular planners.. I didn't know so much effort goes into route planning (via GMaps, OneMap) and then physically receeing it.. Noting all the dangerous point etc. Not easy wor, but it is also really fun at the same time. Special thanks to our recee warriors who came by to help out.

After: I dunno yet! will post after tomorrow.

* Tips to share with fellow riders
When you getting started, don't be shy. You may feel intimidated at first but we are really really sweet people(who likes to poison ppl). Come by, say hi and join us in our rides. For the rest, don't stop cycling!

* Life Motto
Never stop moving, don't let life fall into routine. Always challenge yourself and keep life entertaining …

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rider profile - Steven Lim

Steven with his Colnago road bike

"I  know I lor sor.... but safety is your personal responsiblity... " Steven selflessly keeps going:) 
Steven sharing his thoughts on proper cycling position on the road 
Steven Lim is a cyclist with a passionate spirit. He takes it on himself to spread safe cycling and shares selflessly on how to survive and ride safely on the roads. Leading by example, he normally assumes the role of a sweeper, helping out those who lag behind. Giving encouragement and spreading the safety message. One at a time....  I really applaud his tenacity and efforts for the cycling community. Now read more of this gentleman and give him a pat on the back. Or a kopi is good too. Keep on spinning Steven!

Steven Lim, 45 years old, married, no kids, Diploma in Sales and Marketing, self employed in car industry.
President of Singapore Cycling Task force (SCTF)

How I got started….
I started cycling during secondary school days in the 80s influenced by my school mates. My first bike was a 2nd hand modified market bike which I bought for $50 form my school mate and I started riding to school from AMK to Mount Vernon without my mother knowing... hahaha.... then got her permission to buy a racer about a year later which was a 2nd hand Viner steel bike on Shimano 600 group set. Had it for like 8 years, and my cycling activities drop during NS days between 1986 -1988. Got my 3rd bike in 1990, a brand new OLMO steel bike with Shimano 105 group set, had it with me till 2004 when I gave it away. But during this period I was not riding a lot, on and off, may be only less than 5 times a year... mainly because no kakis. Then in 2005, my buddy (secondary schoolmate) started doing triathlon and needed a cycling kaki to train with him so he jio me to ride with him, then I thought it may be good for me also as a form of exercise since I can't do much of other sports as I have a broken leg with implants before, ankle kind of weak. So I started looking around till I found my current 2nd hand Colnago Master Olympic steel frame, put it up with 2nd hand Shimano Dura Ace 8 speed group set, then later upgrade to Campy Record 8 speed group set and Campy wheels, I just love my Colnago, it's a vintage and it's a gem. Very Sturdy, firm and comfortable bike except for the weight, but that's fine with me. And it has taken me through quite a number of long distance ride (about 300km or more) in Malaysia and the recent round island 300+ km ride... very happy and proud to own this master piece even though it's old.

Why cycling?
I love cycling because it is a good exercise to keep myself fit and healthy. Also, it gives me a sense of achievement when I conquer the tough slopes, grueling weather and distance, and I am happy I can combine my interest in cycling and helping people (as in charity ride). My usual cycling kakis are my school mate and a few more, usually is about 4-5 of us all on road bikes. We usually do speed and distance training, for them is for races like triathlon, for me is purely for fitness. But I do like to take time off this routine to join LCSG rides for something different and more relax rides plus a big friendly family.

How did u meet Lovecyclingsg?
I knew about LCSG through Francis and Zack and decided to join in the group rides in May 2011. i found the folks very friendly and open, always willing to share, and help each other. And one most important factor, the folks are humble and very keen to learn. That struck me to initiate a Safe cycling Clinic with Francis. i am really impress with the FOLKS willingness to learn and for that, i am willing to share anything, anytime.

Favorite routes?
I don't have a favourite cycling route, it really depends on mood, hahaha... as for LCSG rides, i think the kranji ride, bukit brown ride and round island ride were good.

Role in LCSG
My role in LCSG, I'll do anything as requested, but particularly stuffs pertaining to safety. i will be sweeper whenever I join in the ride (it's my usual role in all rides I join), and I will share safety tips, ideas with fellow riders, and of course... I nag..!! hahaha....
I see LCSG as a very cohesive group with many humble, helpful, friendly folks and have strong mutual respects. A group worth spending time with.

On safety
Safety is individual's responsibility, we ride properly and safely, this way we can keep ourselves and other road users safe, this way we are in a better position to tell other road users to respect us a valid road user, to share the road and to keep each other safe.

Life Motto
My life motto which I apply them in operating my life as well as in riding, Treat Others The Way You Would Like To Be Treated...... Respect Others To Gain Respect. Ride Hard! Ride Safe!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Remembering our playground ride - the whole works...

They don't do them like they used to.. 
Feel like a child again...
Visit them with friends... capture it in memories ... they will be gone...very very soon
Sorry for not writing as regularly as I would like. I have been thinking on more interesting rides and events for lovecyclingsg.  And now I got one I like to share. Playgrounds!Yes, you heard me. Playgrounds. Not just the Toa Payoh one but the all of them...
We go explore all the Old Style Playgrounds around Singapore. Why? Because they are slowly being phased out, replaced by more plasticky and "safer" one. No sand but rubber matt.. No more Dragon heads not Dinosaurs. Just plastic and very neutral looking playground.
The challenge was how and where do I find them.... oh lalala...  Simple, just search and type... I love the internet! Stay tuned around April ...

View Old Singapore Playgrounds in a larger map

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rider profile - Rohani Ibrahim

Ro on the left with her new friend Derek Leong
Ro and Vanna- the foldie

Ro and LCSG folks Riding in formation.. with Clarence keeping a close eye for potential dangers... 
Ro and her Carry me... 
Rohani or Ro in short recently joined LCSG and is famous for her mega watt smile.  She works at M1 in the Customer Service Dept. She does training for new staff joining M1 call centre and maybe this is why she can smile so good training. This is her cycling story and remembering her childhood days.....

"I remembered my love for cycling developed at the age of 9. I used to steal rides on my dad’s racer given by a family friend. I love being on the seat and how the wind would brush off my face and made me feel so carefree. The bicycle however didn’t stay for long after several reckless falls I had on the bike. Even so, the urge to own a bike over the years stayed and I always stared in envy each time I see a bike on the streets.
I returned from a 3.5 years work attachment in KL last May and began to indulge more time into my love for sports and nature. It was on one of the visits at East Coast Park that I got attracted to folding bicycles. The search for a folding bike began from here. Mr Google exposed me to the many different types of bikes available in the market.
It wasn’t long before I set aside a budget for my 1st bike purchase. Vanna, a white Dahon Mu P8 is my first love (Big money…Big money…I’m riding on the Wheel of Fortune…Hehehe!). I wanted my first bike to be both of performance and portability as I wanted one to commute between home and the office. I was also drawn on articles and blogs promoting cycling as a form of commute in Singapore. Generally, I reserve a day per week for this activity.
It was through the search for my first bike that I chanced upon Love Cycling @SG. It was also through a colleague (Orange man, David Ng) who added me into the Facebook group. The photos that fronted the LCSG webpage made me sensed the group was close knitted and family like and my instincts were proven right during my first ride for the KTPH official opening. The first people that I met from the group were Steven Lim, Elaine Pan, Lay Yuan, Audrey Cheong and Cindy (Monotine White). They made me feel comfortable although I was new to the group. I have sinced participated in more rides with the group and made many more friends.
Each LCSG ride is always interesting as it’s held at different locations, had different riders and there’s always a new find. I chanced upon new places as I cycled although my other hobby of walking/running also allowed me to do just that. With the 2 wheels, I was able to venture to more places and faster. Accessibility is another factor as to why I liked cycling. I wouldn’t have ventured into secluded places like Ulu Kranji on my feet but with the 2 wheels, I have explored to these locations and found new places of interests.
My love for bicycles and cycling has grown over the months. I hope to share this joy with many others soon. This is definitely a great way to meet new friends, venture new places and have a great workout!"

Be happy...

Found this simple yet very profound video about life. Simple words to live by. so simple... yet so hard. Or is it? I found myself reflecting on what I do, my fears and dreams...   aiyoh..too emo.. Still it is a very good video to watch, soak in and ask... are u happy? Enjoy!

The field of dreams mentality by Jonanthan Daly

Lengthy article but expresses very clearly what is needed to change our travel behaviour.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rider profile - Diane Flaviano

up up and away!
Diane in her self depreciating humor style. 
Diane with her new express Tikit and she is flying with it!
* Tell me about yourself
I moved to Singapore in 2010 after three years in Malaysia. It was a career move as well as a "bike" related move. I wanted to ride my bike more often, and KL isn't the best place for it. Singapore won me over with it's somewhat bike-friendly infrastructure (PCN's; can take foldies aboard public transport), and the safer environment (for a girl).

* How did you started cycling
I got my first trike as a toddler and learned to ride a bike without training wheels at a fairly young age. I've had a myriad of bikes over the years but they took a backseat as real life took hold. I was in Malaysia in 2009 when saw a couple tourists cycle in front of a mall, fold their bikes, and roll inside. I WAS AMAZED! I'd never seen a folding bike before. I chased them down to ask them about their bikes (Dahon Ciao D5!) and bought a Dahon Mu P8 for myself soon after.

* Why do you like cycling
Riding a bike costs me nothing in transport fees, and gets me to places faster than walking. I hate walking! It allows me to have a different perspective as you have a different point of view on a bike than in a car/bus/mrt, and I can stop when I see something interesting. Best of all, it's fun!

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
I found Taiwoon's blog Small Wheel Big Smile while researching on the Tikit and Brompton, via either Bro Al's blog or the JZ88 blog. It became part of my reading list. When I finally moved to Singapore, I wanted to join the rides but I felt awkward meeting with strangers. I asked a friend to go with me and we signed up for the Changi Gun ride in late 2010. LCSG rocked! I didn't get to meet a lot of people that day but everyone was friendly! There's always have this expectation that if you join a bike group, they'll be riding fast, and I didn't want something like that. I really liked the concept of LCSG because I wanted to get to know Singapore through the eyes of locals -- going to places that have sentimental value and eating food that they raved about.

* Your steel horses- names and more details.
apple green Brompton M6R -- my first and most compact foldie. used mostly as a commuter.
purple Peerless Aero-I -- used mostly as a townie/errand bike, but also the one I lend most to others
raspberry Express Tikit -- newest in the fleet!
red Gogobike Vigor -- single speed 14" folding acting as a spare bike in Manila.

* Your favorite cycling kakis
LCSG of course! VeloPH for those in the Philippines.

* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
I like all the rides but my favorite route would have to be the Alexandra PCN all the way to the Sands Hotel. It's very picturesque, and there are lots of people and things to see.

* Your role at LCSG
I guess I'm a minion? 
I also like to take photos.(TW: no she's not....She help do up the google map for cycling and fight internet trolls...)   

* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
Never organized one before!

* Tips to share with fellow riders
Keep safety as a priority always and be considerate of other members in the group. And don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Rider profile - Rezal Sdk

This is Rezal. Avid MTB-er and a family man who rides in style. Sometimes seen in a Dahon D3 or and arnimal and most impressively with a Targa bike... Read more and say hello to him on our LCSG sunday rides! 
Cool dude Rezal with his cool red Dahon D3
Rezal's Wife and daughter zooming with the ultra cool Targa bike
just relaxing and shooting the breeze
What slopes? Easy lar!

"* Tell me about yourself
(Just a regular Joe, nothing much to shout about, honestly.)
Been married since '06 and blessed with a lovely daughter.
Had always, enjoyed outdoorsy stuffs - hiking, rock-climbing, kayaking, spelunking....

* How did you started cycling
Been riding since I got my first bike on my 5th birthday. And ever since then - never looked back Faded off for a long while due to school, National Service and working long shifts. 
But, the passion never really left the soul.
I'm back on a bike and loving it just as much as on that 5th birthday.

I started cycling again when I purchased my Taga stroller trike in 2010. I was exploring ways to 'taxi' my daughter to the daycare and found that the bicycle is the perfect solution. 
Did some research and came across the Taga trike and bought it on the spot.
Now, that Mommy and daughter are mobile on a bike - Daddy got to be on one too, right?
Especially more now that the Taga can become a stroller and folding bicycles are allowed on the MRT. I've been biking ever since as a family, to school, to the mall - everywhere in Singapore and practically, almost daily.

* Why do you like cycling
The simple joy, of being 'free' - travelling via self-propulsion. Wherever, whenever without having to wait on buses or paying extravagances on a family car. A low-impact and simple form of exercise that's easy and readily available.

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
Met Taiwoon, first time at MyBikeShop, at West Coast.
Recognized him immediately - 'Hi, my name is Taiwoon' with a pleasant smile. I've stumbled upon Taiwoon's photostream and blog before and thought that what he's advocating is indeed great! 
Never thought I'd have the honor to be in it too!!

Didn't really thought of riding with LCSG till the Iron Butt ride came up in 2010 and it got me very excited. This is my first ride with LCSG. It was a little intimidating as first, looking at such a big group and not knowing anyone. But after several more rides, I'm home. 

No matter how, what and why we ride - do it for the love of it!
some ride for medals
some ride for speed
some ride for style
some ride for records
some ride for paths-less-traveled
some ride off roads
some ride to get to work
some ride to stay alive
some ride to stay fit
some ride to get extremely fit
Most ride for friendship 
We cycle because we are cyclist.

Keep on riding." Rezal Sdk

Monday, January 9, 2012

LCSG 2011 presentation - what is LCSG and what we do?

As the team grows, I get asked many times why I do LCSG and it was time to share in a more efficient manner then la-ing kopi to explain. I felt it was also appropriate that we celebrate the wonderful rides we did and many interesting stuff we are doing. So on 8th Jan Sunday after a easy City ride... we met at Fort Canning Gallery to share with the crew about LCSG.  Lovecyclingsg would not have been possible without the efforts of some very passionate and helpful folks. Andy yap, Clarence, Boo to name afew.  To make it extra special, I selected some photos of them in action with a nice "certificate"  This is from all of LCSG riders to the real heros. These are the slides that was shared....

lovecycling 2011 recap.001lovecycling 2011 recap.002lovecycling 2011 recap.003lovecycling 2011 recap.004lovecycling 2011 recap.005lovecycling 2011 recap.006
lovecycling 2011 recap.008lovecycling 2011 recap.009lovecycling 2011 recap.010lovecycling 2011 recap.011lovecycling 2011 recap.012lovecycling 2011 recap.013
lovecycling 2011 recap.014lovecycling 2011 recap.015

Nice Video by Matt to show the spirit of LCSG... any bike... just ride!
David Eng,  the guy behind all the nice stickers... Thank you!
Later on, Bernard, Trina and Robin of Nparks and how PCN will be better improved... it is very exciting to know. Yeah!
PS: The venue was kindly sponsored by Nparks...thank you!
More photos from Tah ching here

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 and LCSG

First ride of 2012 @ monkey alley, upper pierce reservoir
It has been a busy year for me. Most happy achievement is to have Lovecyclingsg growing and seeing all having fun. Now many asked why do I even bother. We don't charge for the rides even though it is great fun.
Food will always remain intergal part of LCSG rides! 
I call this my next stage of "national service" and I am proud to share with all the normal, unassuming stuff in our lives. Things we take for granted and don't even notice.  Like the old neighbour  hood, Wanton noodle, Tao hweh store and "ulu ulu" (inaccessible) places that u will never considered going. LCSG provides good opportunity to see and meet people from all different walks of life. Bonded by the love of cycling and promote cycling for everyone. Literally we can see all bikes types and brands on all our ride. Doesn't matter what you ride but that you ride. Let's keep it this way. Simple and all welcoming.  Riders becoming friends and forming relationships. Such are so precious and beautiful moments. 
Glad to have my friend Layyen join LCSG after a long consideration... go go go Layyen!!
Thank you for taking this journey with me and helping out along the way. Together,  let's make 2012 and even happy and fun year!