Friday, January 20, 2012

Rider profile - Rohani Ibrahim

Ro on the left with her new friend Derek Leong
Ro and Vanna- the foldie

Ro and LCSG folks Riding in formation.. with Clarence keeping a close eye for potential dangers... 
Ro and her Carry me... 
Rohani or Ro in short recently joined LCSG and is famous for her mega watt smile.  She works at M1 in the Customer Service Dept. She does training for new staff joining M1 call centre and maybe this is why she can smile so good training. This is her cycling story and remembering her childhood days.....

"I remembered my love for cycling developed at the age of 9. I used to steal rides on my dad’s racer given by a family friend. I love being on the seat and how the wind would brush off my face and made me feel so carefree. The bicycle however didn’t stay for long after several reckless falls I had on the bike. Even so, the urge to own a bike over the years stayed and I always stared in envy each time I see a bike on the streets.
I returned from a 3.5 years work attachment in KL last May and began to indulge more time into my love for sports and nature. It was on one of the visits at East Coast Park that I got attracted to folding bicycles. The search for a folding bike began from here. Mr Google exposed me to the many different types of bikes available in the market.
It wasn’t long before I set aside a budget for my 1st bike purchase. Vanna, a white Dahon Mu P8 is my first love (Big money…Big money…I’m riding on the Wheel of Fortune…Hehehe!). I wanted my first bike to be both of performance and portability as I wanted one to commute between home and the office. I was also drawn on articles and blogs promoting cycling as a form of commute in Singapore. Generally, I reserve a day per week for this activity.
It was through the search for my first bike that I chanced upon Love Cycling @SG. It was also through a colleague (Orange man, David Ng) who added me into the Facebook group. The photos that fronted the LCSG webpage made me sensed the group was close knitted and family like and my instincts were proven right during my first ride for the KTPH official opening. The first people that I met from the group were Steven Lim, Elaine Pan, Lay Yuan, Audrey Cheong and Cindy (Monotine White). They made me feel comfortable although I was new to the group. I have sinced participated in more rides with the group and made many more friends.
Each LCSG ride is always interesting as it’s held at different locations, had different riders and there’s always a new find. I chanced upon new places as I cycled although my other hobby of walking/running also allowed me to do just that. With the 2 wheels, I was able to venture to more places and faster. Accessibility is another factor as to why I liked cycling. I wouldn’t have ventured into secluded places like Ulu Kranji on my feet but with the 2 wheels, I have explored to these locations and found new places of interests.
My love for bicycles and cycling has grown over the months. I hope to share this joy with many others soon. This is definitely a great way to meet new friends, venture new places and have a great workout!"

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