Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rider profile - Steven Lim

Steven with his Colnago road bike

"I  know I lor sor.... but safety is your personal responsiblity... " Steven selflessly keeps going:) 
Steven sharing his thoughts on proper cycling position on the road 
Steven Lim is a cyclist with a passionate spirit. He takes it on himself to spread safe cycling and shares selflessly on how to survive and ride safely on the roads. Leading by example, he normally assumes the role of a sweeper, helping out those who lag behind. Giving encouragement and spreading the safety message. One at a time....  I really applaud his tenacity and efforts for the cycling community. Now read more of this gentleman and give him a pat on the back. Or a kopi is good too. Keep on spinning Steven!

Steven Lim, 45 years old, married, no kids, Diploma in Sales and Marketing, self employed in car industry.
President of Singapore Cycling Task force (SCTF)

How I got started….
I started cycling during secondary school days in the 80s influenced by my school mates. My first bike was a 2nd hand modified market bike which I bought for $50 form my school mate and I started riding to school from AMK to Mount Vernon without my mother knowing... hahaha.... then got her permission to buy a racer about a year later which was a 2nd hand Viner steel bike on Shimano 600 group set. Had it for like 8 years, and my cycling activities drop during NS days between 1986 -1988. Got my 3rd bike in 1990, a brand new OLMO steel bike with Shimano 105 group set, had it with me till 2004 when I gave it away. But during this period I was not riding a lot, on and off, may be only less than 5 times a year... mainly because no kakis. Then in 2005, my buddy (secondary schoolmate) started doing triathlon and needed a cycling kaki to train with him so he jio me to ride with him, then I thought it may be good for me also as a form of exercise since I can't do much of other sports as I have a broken leg with implants before, ankle kind of weak. So I started looking around till I found my current 2nd hand Colnago Master Olympic steel frame, put it up with 2nd hand Shimano Dura Ace 8 speed group set, then later upgrade to Campy Record 8 speed group set and Campy wheels, I just love my Colnago, it's a vintage and it's a gem. Very Sturdy, firm and comfortable bike except for the weight, but that's fine with me. And it has taken me through quite a number of long distance ride (about 300km or more) in Malaysia and the recent round island 300+ km ride... very happy and proud to own this master piece even though it's old.

Why cycling?
I love cycling because it is a good exercise to keep myself fit and healthy. Also, it gives me a sense of achievement when I conquer the tough slopes, grueling weather and distance, and I am happy I can combine my interest in cycling and helping people (as in charity ride). My usual cycling kakis are my school mate and a few more, usually is about 4-5 of us all on road bikes. We usually do speed and distance training, for them is for races like triathlon, for me is purely for fitness. But I do like to take time off this routine to join LCSG rides for something different and more relax rides plus a big friendly family.

How did u meet Lovecyclingsg?
I knew about LCSG through Francis and Zack and decided to join in the group rides in May 2011. i found the folks very friendly and open, always willing to share, and help each other. And one most important factor, the folks are humble and very keen to learn. That struck me to initiate a Safe cycling Clinic with Francis. i am really impress with the FOLKS willingness to learn and for that, i am willing to share anything, anytime.

Favorite routes?
I don't have a favourite cycling route, it really depends on mood, hahaha... as for LCSG rides, i think the kranji ride, bukit brown ride and round island ride were good.

Role in LCSG
My role in LCSG, I'll do anything as requested, but particularly stuffs pertaining to safety. i will be sweeper whenever I join in the ride (it's my usual role in all rides I join), and I will share safety tips, ideas with fellow riders, and of course... I nag..!! hahaha....
I see LCSG as a very cohesive group with many humble, helpful, friendly folks and have strong mutual respects. A group worth spending time with.

On safety
Safety is individual's responsibility, we ride properly and safely, this way we can keep ourselves and other road users safe, this way we are in a better position to tell other road users to respect us a valid road user, to share the road and to keep each other safe.

Life Motto
My life motto which I apply them in operating my life as well as in riding, Treat Others The Way You Would Like To Be Treated...... Respect Others To Gain Respect. Ride Hard! Ride Safe!!


  1. Whenever we see Steven, first thing we think of is safety. That's the impact he's had on us! Safety Steven, thank you for all your tips and advices. Ride hard, ride safe!

  2. We need the safe cycling clinic again, since the group has grown so big now :)