Monday, January 9, 2012

LCSG 2011 presentation - what is LCSG and what we do?

As the team grows, I get asked many times why I do LCSG and it was time to share in a more efficient manner then la-ing kopi to explain. I felt it was also appropriate that we celebrate the wonderful rides we did and many interesting stuff we are doing. So on 8th Jan Sunday after a easy City ride... we met at Fort Canning Gallery to share with the crew about LCSG.  Lovecyclingsg would not have been possible without the efforts of some very passionate and helpful folks. Andy yap, Clarence, Boo to name afew.  To make it extra special, I selected some photos of them in action with a nice "certificate"  This is from all of LCSG riders to the real heros. These are the slides that was shared....

lovecycling 2011 recap.001lovecycling 2011 recap.002lovecycling 2011 recap.003lovecycling 2011 recap.004lovecycling 2011 recap.005lovecycling 2011 recap.006
lovecycling 2011 recap.008lovecycling 2011 recap.009lovecycling 2011 recap.010lovecycling 2011 recap.011lovecycling 2011 recap.012lovecycling 2011 recap.013
lovecycling 2011 recap.014lovecycling 2011 recap.015

Nice Video by Matt to show the spirit of LCSG... any bike... just ride!
David Eng,  the guy behind all the nice stickers... Thank you!
Later on, Bernard, Trina and Robin of Nparks and how PCN will be better improved... it is very exciting to know. Yeah!
PS: The venue was kindly sponsored by Nparks...thank you!
More photos from Tah ching here


  1. could you please elaborate on the PCN improvements mooted by Nparks?

  2. @ Thomask,
    I try my best to share what was presented. Nparks team(Bernard, Trina and Robin) shared on their issues and also improvements on the connectivity on the PCN. If u ride at PCN, there are some disconnect amongst the parks. Punggol waterway is one of them. When you ride from Sengkang Riverside park toward Punggol water way. There is a break water section that divides the two PCN...which will be connected so that people can walk easily or ride thru. And many other sectors improved. It is not perfect but I am glad that some of the rider's feedback on the ground have been hear and reacted upon.
    Most importantly, I am glad to have the direct engagement with Nparks and they are very open to ideas and feedback to improve the overall experience of the PCN. This is a very good start and we will continue to feedback and help out in every way we can.