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Rider profile - Aaron Chan

Aaron with his other half, Yishan
close up of the sweet couple
Aarron with his buddies,  L- Gabriel, Paul, Fendy, Derrick at LCSG Treasure hunt
OAR Tao hwey.... 
Aarron doing the ride briefing before the mission to "attack" OAR mission...
I am very glad to introduce Aarron Chan who recently organises a very well-recieved  "I have a date with Tao hwey at OAR". He together with his buddies, Paul Tan, Gabriel, Leon, Derrick and Reyes have been riding together and also joined the LCSG family.  Sometimes seen with his very nice other half - Yishan, Aarron loves riding and also is the unoffical LCSG record holder of Lau pan Tao hweh - One shot 46 tubs!!!!!  Anyone want to challenge him? 

On that note... Brudder, thank you and ur buddies for contributing to the fun of Lovecyclingsg! Much much appreciated! Now, read more about the man himself! 

* Tell me about yourself
Hi! My name is Aaron. I work as a mobile solution product manager at a local telco. A made in Hong Kong product but imported to Singapore over 20 years ago and pretty much regard myself as more Singaporean than Singaporean. I am just a typical neighborhood geek who loves gadget, gaming and fixing PC for others and now a regular MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra).

* How did you started cycling
I had three market bikes before my current Dahon. The first one when i was in poly, I cycled once from hougang to Temasek Poly in order to impress my then "gf" But that was the only ride. My 2nd bike came along when I experimented cycling from home to hougang mrt during Uni days, and i stopped after it got stolen. I bought a AEON foldie for park-and-ride(bike) to get to my work place in CBD two years ago, that went on for six month. But honestly cycling has never been a hobby for me then, nor was it any fun to me. It was basically a necessity and i actually hated it because i felt it boring, dangerous and tiring.

I decided to re-pick up cycling some time last year after a chat with a friend. I realized that I am at the point of my life where I have most things but something seems missing. At that point i realise I probably needed a hobby, something that I can look forward to doing every week and it should be both fun and physical. After experimenting with a few things, eg.. RC Helicopter, Tennis, Jogging, Thai Boxing… I found cycling!

* Why do you like cycling
Cycling is cheap! (okay, thats a lie)
Cycling is healthy. After started cycling, i managed to clear my IPPT easily, my tummy stopped expanding too (but it is still there)
Cycling brings you to places! (couple of e.g., kranji and bollywood area, punggol-lor halus, garden by the bay and more)
Cycling is environmentally friendly and requires min equipment (also another lie), but I know i can always throw the bike in the boot, drive to somewhere scenic and off I go! (pengarang and taiwan anyone?)
Cycling brought me into a group of over 1000 like minded people, I do not know everyone there but i can easily count > 40 of them as my friends!

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
Last year around Aug, someone mentioned to me that there are a few big cycling groups in Singapore and I should check them out.
I found LCSG on Facebook and coincidentally, Taiwoon+Bernard was organizing a National Day Ride around north-eastern route.

On Aug 9th 2011, i reported to punggol park and honestly i was overwhelmed! More than 40 people of all ages, all bike types from all parts of Singapore gathered in one place "7 early 8 early" to cycle lo! I rode my brand new Dahon Vitesse D7, met a lot of friendly people. I remembered seeing steven, taiwoon, bernard, KSL&Eman, Francis and many more regulars. We hanged out for lunch after the ride, but I am sure none remembers me, hahaha. But the main take-away from that day… is that this group is like a big family la and we welcome all type of bikes!

* Your steel horses- names and more details.
Main ride: Dahon Vitesse D7 --> Dahon Vitesse x20d
I bought a Vitesse from Lifecycle last year. I should have listened to Simon when he told me that I am going to "outgrown" it soon enough. Since then, I have slowly modified my vitesse w shorter handlebar stem, seat post, then full ultegra set w bullhorn and now drop bar!
2nd ride: Dahon Eco C6 , bought this for my fiancee 

* Your favorite cycling kakis
Too many to name la! Almost everyone in LCSG, especially the regular attendees. But to name a few really close ones, I am glad to have met Paul and Kenneth during a mandai night ride (which only 3 of us came). Thru them, i met Fendy, Leon, Gabriel, Derrick, Edwin and we have remained really close (not in the weird way). Especially after going thru a few unfortunate incident, I realized that we really do CARE. The things done by these guys and LCSG for the injured really touched my heart.

* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
Fun ride: Treasure Hunt @ Punggol, really cool la!!
Training ride: Mandai-YD
Scenic ride: Bishan Kallang Garden by the bay ride (of cuz… since i organized it :P)

* Your role at LCSG
I am just a nobody la… maybe can give me the post of Chief Tau Huay Wang Zi.. but mainly i just like to help out in safety marking, sweep or occasionally plan some rides

* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
During organizing: It is really tough work! Kudos to regular planners.. I didn't know so much effort goes into route planning (via GMaps, OneMap) and then physically receeing it.. Noting all the dangerous point etc. Not easy wor, but it is also really fun at the same time. Special thanks to our recee warriors who came by to help out.

After: I dunno yet! will post after tomorrow.

* Tips to share with fellow riders
When you getting started, don't be shy. You may feel intimidated at first but we are really really sweet people(who likes to poison ppl). Come by, say hi and join us in our rides. For the rest, don't stop cycling!

* Life Motto
Never stop moving, don't let life fall into routine. Always challenge yourself and keep life entertaining …

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