Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rider profile - Diane Flaviano

up up and away!
Diane in her self depreciating humor style. 
Diane with her new express Tikit and she is flying with it!
* Tell me about yourself
I moved to Singapore in 2010 after three years in Malaysia. It was a career move as well as a "bike" related move. I wanted to ride my bike more often, and KL isn't the best place for it. Singapore won me over with it's somewhat bike-friendly infrastructure (PCN's; can take foldies aboard public transport), and the safer environment (for a girl).

* How did you started cycling
I got my first trike as a toddler and learned to ride a bike without training wheels at a fairly young age. I've had a myriad of bikes over the years but they took a backseat as real life took hold. I was in Malaysia in 2009 when saw a couple tourists cycle in front of a mall, fold their bikes, and roll inside. I WAS AMAZED! I'd never seen a folding bike before. I chased them down to ask them about their bikes (Dahon Ciao D5!) and bought a Dahon Mu P8 for myself soon after.

* Why do you like cycling
Riding a bike costs me nothing in transport fees, and gets me to places faster than walking. I hate walking! It allows me to have a different perspective as you have a different point of view on a bike than in a car/bus/mrt, and I can stop when I see something interesting. Best of all, it's fun!

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
I found Taiwoon's blog Small Wheel Big Smile while researching on the Tikit and Brompton, via either Bro Al's blog or the JZ88 blog. It became part of my reading list. When I finally moved to Singapore, I wanted to join the rides but I felt awkward meeting with strangers. I asked a friend to go with me and we signed up for the Changi Gun ride in late 2010. LCSG rocked! I didn't get to meet a lot of people that day but everyone was friendly! There's always have this expectation that if you join a bike group, they'll be riding fast, and I didn't want something like that. I really liked the concept of LCSG because I wanted to get to know Singapore through the eyes of locals -- going to places that have sentimental value and eating food that they raved about.

* Your steel horses- names and more details.
apple green Brompton M6R -- my first and most compact foldie. used mostly as a commuter.
purple Peerless Aero-I -- used mostly as a townie/errand bike, but also the one I lend most to others
raspberry Express Tikit -- newest in the fleet!
red Gogobike Vigor -- single speed 14" folding acting as a spare bike in Manila.

* Your favorite cycling kakis
LCSG of course! VeloPH for those in the Philippines.

* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
I like all the rides but my favorite route would have to be the Alexandra PCN all the way to the Sands Hotel. It's very picturesque, and there are lots of people and things to see.

* Your role at LCSG
I guess I'm a minion? 
I also like to take photos.(TW: no she's not....She help do up the google map for cycling and fight internet trolls...)   

* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
Never organized one before!

* Tips to share with fellow riders
Keep safety as a priority always and be considerate of other members in the group. And don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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  1. I just discovered this blog and LCSG through the Slow Biking Singapore fb page. I love riding my bike in Singapore. I bought a Flying Pigeon and I love it so much, I'm shipping it back to the US in a week.

    Great Rider Profiles!