Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rider profile - Rezal Sdk

This is Rezal. Avid MTB-er and a family man who rides in style. Sometimes seen in a Dahon D3 or and arnimal and most impressively with a Targa bike... Read more and say hello to him on our LCSG sunday rides! 
Cool dude Rezal with his cool red Dahon D3
Rezal's Wife and daughter zooming with the ultra cool Targa bike
just relaxing and shooting the breeze
What slopes? Easy lar!

"* Tell me about yourself
(Just a regular Joe, nothing much to shout about, honestly.)
Been married since '06 and blessed with a lovely daughter.
Had always, enjoyed outdoorsy stuffs - hiking, rock-climbing, kayaking, spelunking....

* How did you started cycling
Been riding since I got my first bike on my 5th birthday. And ever since then - never looked back Faded off for a long while due to school, National Service and working long shifts. 
But, the passion never really left the soul.
I'm back on a bike and loving it just as much as on that 5th birthday.

I started cycling again when I purchased my Taga stroller trike in 2010. I was exploring ways to 'taxi' my daughter to the daycare and found that the bicycle is the perfect solution. 
Did some research and came across the Taga trike and bought it on the spot.
Now, that Mommy and daughter are mobile on a bike - Daddy got to be on one too, right?
Especially more now that the Taga can become a stroller and folding bicycles are allowed on the MRT. I've been biking ever since as a family, to school, to the mall - everywhere in Singapore and practically, almost daily.

* Why do you like cycling
The simple joy, of being 'free' - travelling via self-propulsion. Wherever, whenever without having to wait on buses or paying extravagances on a family car. A low-impact and simple form of exercise that's easy and readily available.

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
Met Taiwoon, first time at MyBikeShop, at West Coast.
Recognized him immediately - 'Hi, my name is Taiwoon' with a pleasant smile. I've stumbled upon Taiwoon's photostream and blog before and thought that what he's advocating is indeed great! 
Never thought I'd have the honor to be in it too!!

Didn't really thought of riding with LCSG till the Iron Butt ride came up in 2010 and it got me very excited. This is my first ride with LCSG. It was a little intimidating as first, looking at such a big group and not knowing anyone. But after several more rides, I'm home. 

No matter how, what and why we ride - do it for the love of it!
some ride for medals
some ride for speed
some ride for style
some ride for records
some ride for paths-less-traveled
some ride off roads
some ride to get to work
some ride to stay alive
some ride to stay fit
some ride to get extremely fit
Most ride for friendship 
We cycle because we are cyclist.

Keep on riding." Rezal Sdk


  1. Rezal my Iron Butt friend.... keep on riding and continue to inspire us !!!

  2. hi rezal,

    i am very interested to get the Taga trike/stroller.
    where to buy and how much?


  3. I'm interested in the taga bike also. 98584369 wan