Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Coney island explore

This is another hidden gem off the Punggol PCN. 
I remember we used to do Army boat assault drills there and didn't really think much of it then. Fast forward 25 years and I find myself living at Punggol. I ride this stretch of PCN daily and overlooking the PCN is this island. Connected on the ends, its now super accessible. 
This is a beautiful quiet place and in SG context- total luxury. Green and free! Pray it will be like this for a long long time. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Punggol PCN with insta360X2

Sorry I have not been updating my blog... as I kinda of didn't know what to write.I was also resisting for the longest time to get another camera but eventually succumbed to it. The insta360 X2. You can see the specs and gizamadoooo here. The cool idea is that u can just take all the footage with out really thinking too much what to take during ur activity. Then come back home and choose the angles. It makes video abit more engaging and provides more angles rather then a fixed mounted way....  I am still learning from all the experts in youtube and many other channels. But like they say, u just gotta try it and make it up as u go... so I did. 

Here's the footage of my daily route which I really enjoy. Punggol Waterway PCN which is just a stone throw from my home.  This is a gem and truly a lifesaver in the heavily urbanised Singapore.  

Footage on Insta360X2, edited on Insta 360 Studio (Desktop) and combined footage on iMovie Hope you enjoy the video and tell me what u think!