Monday, July 16, 2018

Nice extensive PCN routes photos by George

I was looking around online to find more information on the Round island route and stumbled on this.
It has lots of information and photos of the various PCN.  I am also very excited on the NS connectivity, hope it get completed asap. Check it out!

Monday, July 9, 2018

LCSG and NParks PCN improvements 7th July 2018

More hands make light work. Good folks. 
With the good folks of LCSG and MBG, we gathered at Yishun ave 7 junction to help widen the landing area of a junction. This was feedback by the local community that the narrowness of the area was causing issues on safety.  In addition, we also did some potting around the area to make it nicer. 
Here are some of the nice and meaningful collaboration we did over a sat morning. Awesome photos by Eugene Wee and uncle KC.
 Never seen so happy workers, guess they know its for the betterment for the community at large 
The good folks of the Park PCN

Uncle KC and Anthony,stopping for a photo
Potting plants is no easy task 

Widening the congested area 

aunty audrey 

Lets get working!