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My favorite PCN ride and why I do LCSG

Very nice that Nparks did a feature on cycling on their Nparks booklet. I shared my favorite PCN and why I ride.  
You can download Nparks booklet and this article is on page 48. 

Lovecylingsg being nominated for CED leadership award 2015

I was notified this morning  by my friends of this good news. Lovecyclingsg is being nominated  for  Cycling Embassy of  Denmark's Leadership  Award  2015!!!! I rechecked and rechecked. Rubbed my eyes and its real! I looked at the nominees and  they are all the heavy hitters who made substantial changes in their country. That's awesome! 
This is a big win for our cycling community, our  LCSG angels and many supporters  who have contributed numerous time and effort  to make it what it is. We are humbled and excited what this can help bring  forth better changes for cycling  in Singapore. Thank you folks for believing in what we stand for!  

Uncle Roland, Esther, Joeel and Pernille drafted this to CED.

"Dear LCSG pals, I would like to nominate Mr. Francis Chu & Mr. Woon Taiwoon to represent LCSG to receive CED's leadership award 2015 for cycling promotion for all of us. I can see many good leadership in this cycling group, too. Let's make this happening to make Singapore one of the cycling country in the world. Wouldn't that be wonderful! ^.^
Here, Mr. Roland Lee had drafted out a letter. Come together and sign here, so I can send this letter altogether with your names. 
Dear Sir,
We would like to nominate Mr Woon Tai Woon and Francis Chu for the CED’s Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2015.
They are the founders of Love Cycling Singapore. Their FB site is at New members are continuously educated through the discussion of many interesting cycling topics and the do and don’t on cycling. It has been a wonderful experience for all cyclists. Tai Woon’s blog is at and Francis Chu’s blog is at
Every week, Love Cycling will organize Sunday morning ride for all types of cyclists. Their motto is Eat, Ride and Photo (ERP). These activities are all captured in photos and videos and presented on Love Cycling Sg FB page. It shows members that cycling is fun and can provide the opportunities to socialize and visit different cycling tracks, trails and places of interest. This has motivated and inspired many to start joining the group and began their cycling journey. The group has grown from just a few members to more than ten thousand members now, just within a short span of about 4 years. Some members have even graduated as overseas cyclist travelers. 
They are successful because they and their assistants have lots of heart and are prepared to work hard. They pedal to keep all things in balance. They achieved what we locally called “Kampong Spirit” (Community Spirit). They not only organize the Sunday rides, but also conducts bike maintenance workshops and safe cycling technique classes. These activities have produced many safe and well behaved cyclists on the road.
They are also actively engaged with the relevant government agencies like Transport Authority, National Park Board, National Development Ministry and other interest groups to provide feedbacks and suggestions, many of which have been adopted in developing our country's cycling plans and networks.
We highly recommend them because they have achieved much despite not having the power of an office of influence and connection. They are just two individuals that have the heart for cyclists. They pedal hard to create a critical mass of followers to influence the decision makers in improving road design, develop infrastructures, enhance park connector safety and it's network connection. They have made great contribution to the cycling movement in Singapore. This is done by adopting the philosophy of pedaling with a heart, smell the flowers with a family of cyclists and to improve the cycling environment."

Submitted for your kind consideration.
Esther Lim
Joeel Lee
Roland Lee
Love Cycling SG
10,544 members
Here's our list of supporters so far. Keep them coming and we are gg to submit the email not later than May. Cheers! grin emoticon
1.Esther Lim Kah Hwee
2.Joeel Lee
3.Roland Lee
4.Pernille Vedersø Bussone
5.Wanda Wong
6.Imran Wahid
7.George Kee
8.K.C . Au Yeong
9.Ching Lim B
10.Eng Kian Yap
11.Alvin Wong
12.Lim George
13.Wong Wei Kiong
14.Desmond Chia
15.Shelby Kee
16.Peggy Poh
17.Leung Ki Chi
18.Cindy Khoo
19.Cha Raymond
20.Nixs Zhuo
21.Bernard Tan KT
22. Seng Tat Lim
23. Ejin ang
24. Chua Siew Ling
25. Kimi Oh
26. Sue Ang
27. Yeo Jing Wen
28. Kenny Wong
29. Christopher Lee
30. Woo Li Ling
31. Li-San Woo
32. Judith Oh
33. Lee Pei Sze
34. Eugene Wee
35. Freddie Soh
36. Kenneth Tham
37. Gracie Koh
38. Joemain Ng
39. Ho Willip
40. Jack Chua
41. Dennis Cheong
42. Eugene Jack Chua
43. Darren Siow
44. Toshi Maeda
45 Joean Zeng
45. Bob Neo
46. Danny Mikhail Chay
47. Israwi Eshak
48. Patrick Ng
49. Ped Al
50. Celia Tan
51. Alvin Sitoh
52. Marilyn Chng
53. Niranjan Devasundrarajah
54. Siek Ling
55. Ravi Raman
56. Patrick Woon
57. Joyce Tann
58. Grace Tay
59. William Khaw
60. Steven Ng
61. James Ng
62. Felipe Ong
63. Joanne Tay
64. Gary Tan
65. Siew Wan
66. Marcus Yeo
67. Amy Ng
68. Michael Khaw
69. Chen Ying Chang
70. Mary Ang
71.Sy liew
72. Kuan Yong Peng
73. Lun Cheak
74. Stacy Tan
75. Seah Boon Seng
76. Patrick Yee
77. Anna Lesniewicz
78. Audrey Cheong
79. Raymond Khoo
80. Kc Lim
81. Sharon Li
82. Lai Jingying
83. Shareen Kok
84. Boonchun Yeo
85. Vince Li
86. Elaine Tai
87. Erin Lin
88. Nigel Khoo
89. Kennis Khoo
90. Noel Tan
91. 丹尼尔
92. Terence Quick Yap
93. Chew Soo Yong
94. Yong Kang Clay
95. Gabz Ng
96. Pierre Chew Tee Kian
97. Neo Kwee Hong
98. Rudy Zheng
99. Kevin Wu
100. Gwyn Valentine
101. Teong Tiger
102. Wendy Leong
103. Derrick Yeow
104. Bay Chun How
105. Florence Kong
106. Charles Teo
107. Thomas Yang
108. Poh Huat Tan
109. Ronnie Hiang
110. Wan Tiger
111. Eddie Lim
112. Audrey Lim
113. May Lee
114. Simon Siah
115. Eugene Wang
116. Gibson Ng Ng
117. Clara Tan
118. Sandra Leong Leong
119. Kelvin Ng
120. Gideon Lim
121. Silas Lim
122. Raine Yoke Foong
123. Elisha Tan
124. Coleen Leong
125. Chris Wee
126. Jade Ng
127. Kenneth Tan
128. Darren Stewart
129. Joanne Stewart
130. Josephine Teo
131. Goh Donald
132. Eugene L. A. Tan
133. Jamie Yang
134. Edmond Loh
135. Lim Kwang Huay Stanley
136. Bacus Boo
137. Adisuria Wangsadinata Natapura
138. John Tan
139. Sk Lah
140. Julian Mok
141. Darrell Wee
142. Wilson Lim
143. Breaking DawnDawn Chng
144. Ann Soh
145. Kieren Soh
146. Jonathan Lee
147. Malcolm Chen
148. Aceki Danz
149. Cephas Teo
150. Freda Lim
151. Charlene
152. Stewart Ong
153. David Ng
154. Jieren Oh
155. Tandem Lim
156. D Justine Sim
157. Greg Choong
158. Patrick 'Chelski' Cheong
159. Nicos Theodoru
160. Janny Cheong
161. Dan Koh
162. Bill Tan
163. Boo Rude
164. Bearbear Sim
165. Clarence Chang
166. Tan Geeli
167. Yas Sajari
168. Jasper Ong
169. Pas Soon
170. Elaine pan
171. Sinying Pan
172. Daniel Fu
173. Peter Tl
174. Ivan Ng
175. Wei Shuan
176. Hai Tang
177. Kelvin Lau
178. Galvin Ong
179. Loke Yk
180. David Hunter
181. Lynn Koh
182. Thomas Tan
183. Andrew Wan
184. 明天
185. Hua Yïng
186. Hart Poon
187. Jojo Chen
188. See Yusheng Justin
189. Yee Chao Koh
190. Florence Fauls
191. Adriane Lee
192. Tony Lau
193. Derek Leong
194. 国哥 Taiwan
195. 芳姐 Taiwan
196. Looi Sek Mun
197. Ho Yue Fa
198. Looi Siao Siang
199. Wendy Hoo
200. N. Sivasothi
201. Julian Lim
202. William Ong
203. Lim Dawn
204. Elva Ong
205. Evan Ong
206. Zon Yip
207. Bing Cheng
208. Ivan Liew
209. Samuel Wang
210. Toh Han Boon
211. Yvette Chin
212. Nickle Tan
213. Kevin Soh
214. Dean Tan
215. Grace Chew
216. Zylon Tan
217. Mio Yamada
218. Eric Cultus
219. Audrey Wong
220. Lester Tan
221. Sean Xavier
222. Sam Tan
223. Claire Leow
224. Tam Peng Kong Kenny
225. Johnston Loh
226. Irene Wee
227. Terence Tan
228. Ngoh Seh Suan
229. Ho Keng Yong
230. Ng Gan Poh
231. Melvyn Foong
232. Ai Lim Seng
233. Angie Ang
234. Melvin Chua
235. Jasmine Foo
236. Bc Seah
237. Jay bee
238. Tam Peng Kong
239. Leong Kwang
240. Leslie Han.
241. Amanda Chee
242. Heng Ooi Khiang
243. Goh Took Foon
244. Hock Bee Ong
245. Stephanie Ang
246. Yong Choon Lieh

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cheer on our Singapore National cyclists @ SEA games

SEA games is here and one of the events is Cycling! Our national cyclists will be competing with asia best of the best for the top honors. You can read more here.

Dinah Chan is one of SG cycling heroines and she's been thru alot. 

I just want to say is this. It is really a great time  to also go, cheer and support them. If we don't, who will? 
Come on!  Give them a boost! For those interested to do so the details are below:
11th June Thurs @ Marina Bay south.  If you have some time and like cycling. Do swing  by!

Godspeed and all the best Team SG!!! 

Route of the race is here 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home cycle trainer in actual home environment

About 1 month ago, I bought a 2nd hand bike trainer for my wife. She wanted a way to work out that is easy, fuss free.  
I googled to learn more and there were a whole gamut of options. They include learning from bike tech whizz Steve who has a very informative write up on a minoura LR340 and DC Rainmaker whom super detailed comparison of Bike Trainer made me realise a few things.  
1) Wind and magneto based trainers are more cost effective, but noisy. This might be a big consideration if you live in close environment which can affect others. 
2) Fluid based trainer gives a more "graduated" feel, meaning that if u pedal harder, the effort gets harder. Shift to harder gear, it get tougher. Just like riding in real life.  Also they tend to be quieter 
3)There are rollers option which gives a more realistic ride feel. But they require some agility.
With all the googling, reading and talking to folks who have one.  
I chose to go for a fluid based bike trainer route - with a realistic ride feel and noise consideration in mind. My option was either Cyclops Fluid2 or Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer. Yes and they were more expensive. 
I eventually  bought it secondhand at Togoparts as I saw that many folks tried and didn't enjoy the trainer. I was lucky, I got it at 1/2 of the retail price.  Something to consider if you don't mind using 2nd hand stuff. 
This is how it looks at my home now. 
Attached to my Stripe MTB
We, yes I said WE as my wife and I used it pretty much every day now. She actually uses it more than me. Morning half an hour and in the evening, when our gal is sleeping, she would go spin it. This is HUGE WIN for us! The ability to just get on the bike without leaving the home for us with a busy lifestyle and child is just great! 
Here's some experience touch points I made to enhance the product"performance". Its not pretty but it works! 
- Rigged up iPad holder so can watch movies while cycling. Get one from Daiso, zip tie to handle bar. Bang. Done! Wife loves it!
wire iPad holder from Daiso, held in place by Zip Ties
-Water bottle bag for easy access. Not so useful as we are in a home. 
- Towel wrap on bike to catch sweat. Hold it with cloths peg. Very domesticated approach, not so nice but it works. 
- Realistic bike feel and more cooling. Put a fan in front and set in low speed. Nice! 
I am not a tech writer and I don't aim to be one. I am just like many of you, a cyclists who has a day job and family commitments. But I hope to share with you my perspective as there is a lack of article that addresses our point of view. 
Hope this sharing will help you in deciding if a bike trainer is suitable for you.  Keep on spining! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Rider Profile - Pernille

Thats me at my home town Copenhagen.
My name is Pernille (Pa-ne-la). I have lived in Singapore since August 2014, when I moved here with my family for my husband's work. I am from Copenhagen, and it was not until recently that I identified myself as a cyclist. 
Bike racks back in my home town

Bike paths at copenhagen

I used to take riding a bike for granted, but after having lived in Riyadh, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore I find myself connecting with others who love cycling too. It is a revelation to me that cycling is not practised on a daily basis everywhere and I am now actively involved in promoting cycling. 

I am inside the photo...some where. :) 
One of my projects is to bring the social enterprise "Cycling Without Age" to Singapore and I hope to launch it very soon. My other job is as a facilitator in schools, where I talk to teenagers about body image, bullying and teasing, social media, sexuality and other related subjects. I have a degree in psychology and started my company here, "Seeds of Awareness" after having worked with teenagers in Mumbai in the aftermath of the brutal gangrape in Delhi. 
Me and my girl visiting Bukit Brown Cemetery 
My bike is a second hand Maxwell. I often carry heavy things around like books from the library or groceries, and I mostly think of my bike as an effective mode of transport, so I went for a cheap and robust model. My eldest child has his own bike, the little one is three, so I also looked for a bike that can fit a child seat and feel stable at the same time. When my child isn't with me on the bike, I use the child seat to put my groceries inside and lock them in with the strap. Of course I also use the basket in front, it's a very practical bike. I also use it for leisure in the weekends on the park connectors which it also does to perfection. It has three gears which is all I need. I only use a helmet when I ride with my children to teach them to wear theirs too, or when I ride on the road at peak hours for safety reasons. I believe it should be a personal choice and not compulsory. I find it much more comfortable to ride without a helmet and it allows me to feel the wind in my hair which is one of my favourite sensations in the world. I feel quite OK riding on the street in Singapore, the child seat makes the drivers more careful when they overtake me. It is silly, but I think a mother and child are considered more worthy of looking out for, I hope the consideration is extended to all bike riders as we are vulnerable in traffic and all of us want to get home to our loved ones. 
Thats my princess!
Singapore is nice to ride. Always summer and no snow!
When I ride with my children I always use the pavement, I don't feel safe enough with them to expose them to moving cars. When I am on my own I feel more in control, but when I ride with them, I cannot guarantee their safety and I am also a little bit distracted because they ask me so many questions all the time! I am not happy about using the pavement as I feel I am taking the space from the pedestrians, when I approach a pedestrian walking in front of me, I don't use the bell to alarm them. I am a guest (or intruder) on the pavement so I have to ride slowly behind them until they feel my presence, which usually happens pretty quickly.
My favourite roads in Singapore are the small, quiet ones in the city (think Oxley Road) without much traffic on them. I think there is a wonderful infrastructure here and with less cars it would be a commuters paradise. My favourite commuters are pedestrians, cyclists, metros and buses. I am not a big fan of cars in the city, but I love them for road trips! The climate in Singapore is perfect for cycling, even when it rains! When I remember to do so, I bring a rain jacket with me and it's so hot here that I don't even mind getting wet. I use the park connector system a lot, to me it is the most beautiful part of Singapore, and another thing for  Singaporeans to be proud of. 
I wish all the readers of this post a wonderful day and hope you get to feel the wind in your hair today if that's what you like.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lovecyclingsg and Gentle Heroes ride 10th May 2015

Words by Stanley Lim, LCSG Angel who attended this ride today @ Bishan park

This Sunday ride was created for the Gentle Heroes (4 mothers and 4 autistic youths) who have been making bicycle charms to raise funds for the riders who ride for the charities and GH themselves. This ride is to create autism awareness and it is suitable for all family. This morning, we rode with them around the beautiful Bishan Park 1 & 2. 
After the ride, we had potluck with variety of food contributed by the families and riders. We also cake cutting celebrating for all wonderful mothers who are pillars of love to their kids. Awesome!

Aspiration versus Reality

Having a back pain since last thurs meant I couldn't do anything much except lie on the bed and take painkillers. Super boring. 
This made me laugh as there is some truth in it.Just 2mins of your time. 
Although it is about the latest camera, it is the same for cycling.  We often get into this cycle too. If I get the next latest newly fangled CarbonKryonitetitaniumunobtainatium_DI2, Worldtouringreynolds853steelisreal_truetemper_rohloffgeared_pinioned bike that our lives would be dramatically changed.
Top of the line World touring bike - Taken from internet. 
Touring the far flung ends of the world 
Latest greatest Pinarello road bike

I am the Tour de france winner 
Seriously. Really??? 
Have a laugh at marketing in work. Have a laugh at ourself. And go cycle abit! Whatever the bike that makes you happy!  

Man Cave and why

I saw this awesome video on the internet. It showed a gentleman who grew up not able to afford anything. In his words, "my parents told me, this is your hobby if u want to have cooler stuff. You buy it with your own money".  He worked at some bike shop and collected all the stuff that they threw up that was didn't make the grade. Over time, he collected many bits of bike history or "crap: as his wife would called it. And the man cave started developing. 
I really like the part where he kept it as it is. The character of the bike that had the dings and scratches on them. Someone actually used the bike and many of them didn't work as well as it should.
This isn't a pristine collection of bikes,  it is just the everyday, the oddball and creative ideas. I also love the fact he wrote down the details of the bike, whom it was from and what worked what didn't.
Quite a collection!
It reminded myself of Chris Wee and George Kee. Perhaps it will inspire them to greater heights haha. Go go Man cave!
And with so much stuff he decided to do some bike art which looked really awesome. 
Hmmm... I think I should get a TIG welder and learn how to weld....:)My bike room is also slowly morphing into the first phase of man cave... haha this is my inspiration! 
Hey Neighbour - Steve Mitchell's Bike Collection from on Vimeo.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Nixs Zhuo Cycling story and profile

This is Nixs. He is one of the LCSG angels you see on sunday rides. A very humble, helpful and funny guy who helps out on the rear sweep or position himself at the key junctions so that the fellow riders will not get lost. 
He does it effortlessly and with a big smile. I am so glad to share his cycling story. Read on! 

Nixs rolling on with his sleeper MTB. You have to try his tricked out bike to be amazed!
Hi I am nixs, coming to 46 yo this year. I started cycling at around 3 to 4 years old, i know before going kindergarden i already can cycle without trainer wheels. 
Thats me!

Also maybe my grandma has a big land then..when i mean huge is huge..3/4 football pitch size at has become 12 semi detached house..old address was jalan angin laut. Shift to bedok south in 1976 and my dad bought me another bicycle..joker. This old bicycle number plate was tagged to the joker. Joker is a kind of bike (confirmed with Nixs) 
photo credit.. internet
My own bike plate 

Then the craze on bmx around 1982...bought a taiwan replica of kuwahara..did a stupid act of cycling that bicycle into the sea of bedok rusted soon after..saved up money to get kuwahara kz84
Photo credit -
For the polytechnic time, I  didnt cycle but jog a lot.  
After army, I joined SIAEC as apprentice aircraft engineer and started cycling again on roadbike and also fond out that my fellow friend koh also into cycling.  
while we were young!

Nixs and Koh cycle kaki after all this years!
He was same batch as me and we found time to cycle after going home from work. We would change and do coastal almost as often as we can and chill out at bedok jetty till just before last light disappear. 
Soon we all passed out as aircraft engineer in 1996 and I turn to mountain biking. That was where I discovered there were many hidden nice scenery in Bukit Timah!
I did lots of MTB-ing from 1996 to around 2002. We went to  Pengarang almost every 2 months. Back then Pengarang have a lot of kampong around. It was fun and lots of shops to have coffee breaks all the way to sungei ringgit.
We usually stayed at Ramunia..6 km further away from pengarang

This was the mtb i use from 1996 to around 2002..still with me but I pass to another friend to use.
The original Badass ride
The new Vmax
Cool sportster

From 2002 to 2009. I stopped cycling cause was I was very  involved on motorcycle touring malaysia and thailand
From togopart i got to know i waited until lcsg ride came to punggol
First time i join..remember that time got someone conducted a laughing exercise(that's Eddie) 
I felt LCSG is friendly and carefree group with not so much politics so i join LCSG ride as often as my work shift pattern allows

Then i found myself suddenly in core planning group of lcsg..i also dont know who added me i thought ok..if from so many cyclists i get picked to be core team...i might as well do a good job as core team.

Nixs and his hooligan 
My favorite bicycle is the Hooligan. I get asked all the time why the fork is one sided. Does it ride funny? :) 
LCSG riders come and go. Some join because they are new and needed guidance. Some join and and form their own groups...and left. That's ok.
Some felt LCSG too slow ride for them after they became fitter. But you will also see many strong riders are still within LCSG.  It's because of the community spirit and there will always be new riders that need a helping hand to get them started on cycling.  LCSG is a good platform.
What I noticed is for other groups if you cant match their style of riding or speed. You get drop and left out.. 

Taiwoon: That was awesome sharing! Any parting words of advice to riders? 
Nixs: Cycling can be a group or individual sport. You don't have to follow a group if you are not comfortable. Cycle alone can itself be rewarding as well. Just cycle lah! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Marvelous writes about today's ride :)

This was what we did today >>
I rode with a boy(Marvelous) for most part of the journey and he was inspired to write about it.
Steely determination to make it. One crank at a time! 
He wrote this!

See the joy! 
Marvelous wrote:
"Today was my first long ride with LCSG group from Punggol to East Coast Park. And back to Punggol again. 
Although it was tough and tired, I nearly give up at never end coastal road, but with the encouragement from all members especially uncle Woon who guide me and lead me through the whole ride. 
I would love to join the group event again. Yeah! I made it!"
Marvelous with mummy on LCSG ride on 12th April 2015. That was his first ride with LCSG! 

We rode to see the Cirrus Cloud sign

Click here for the hi-res photos
We decided to do a ride from Pungol to Changi coastal road and see the Cirrus sign. 
Its a wet day which threatened to wash out the event. Still about 40 riders turn up despite the gloomy weather. 
Mio and her kids

Alex and Maria with their little one in the Chariot
Sitting and enjoying the ride 
Brenda with 2 ladies from KL joining us!
We had a great honour of have 2 chariot riders Alex and his wife Maria + Mio Yamada towing her 2 kids from Bukit Batok to Punggol... just to join us. They make it look so effortless. We also had 2 Brompton riders from KL joining us... and my hare brain memory failed me here... pls just drop me a note! 
Marvelous and family  

I am also very glad to ride alongside a yong boy. His name is Marvellous. Really. Not kidding and he is amazing! The route was about 28km one way and he just rode along in the front. Slow and steady. And he made it! So proud of him! 
Marvellous leading the way

Surrounded by good angels. 

Rolling along Changi Coastal road 
Eventually we reached the Cirrus cloud sign. Its located at East Coast Park PCN Car Park F2 area. Very near to Sunset Bay.  
Chiong to order makan
A quick group shot and went for makan. All the riding made us hungry and we stop at East Coast Park hawker centre for some food.
I am very glad to see the unity and cooperation of the riders. They were so considerate and kept in pace and line. They also cheered on the little boy and I felt this made his day! Its so nice of them! This is what LCSG is about. The community coming as one and riding as one. Well done friends!
Stanley covering the rear 
I think Marvelous will sleep really well tonight! :)