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Treat cyclists as equals on the road

Another feedback And another  in Straits Time Forum.... glad to know SG Cyclists are sharing their thoughts on the mass media. 
Feedback 1
"AS A fairly new resident of Singapore and a cyclist, I am disgusted at the callousness of many drivers here who are posting comments on various forums following the horrific death of a cyclist after he was hit by a lorry last Saturday ('Cyclist killed, driver arrested'; Sunday).I rode that very same stretch of road in Changi just one and a half hours before the accident, so I read of the cyclist's death with a chill in my heart.What bothers me most, however, is the widespread attitude of drivers here that cyclists do not belong on the road. They think they have more right than cyclists to be on the road because of the high road taxes they pay.Some comments on the forums include 'why do cyclists have to take up a whole lane?' Well, we try not to, but it is actually for our own safety. If we squeeze up against the kerb, most drivers will take that as permission to try to squeeze by us in that same lane.If we ride farther out into the lane, we take up the same width as a car, and drivers are then forced to change lanes to go around us, ultimately making it safer for all. One other forum user asked why we do not use the park connector networks or coastal pathways. We avoid these because our speed is faster than that of the pedestrians, dog walkers, elderly people and children using these pathways, and we are mindful of their safety. Admittedly, some cyclists are less than considerate in their riding formations, for example, travelling three abreast, and do not respect traffic laws, but the majority are just trying to stay healthy by exercising on their bikes.
Deborah Moore (Ms)"
Feedback 2

"I READ with dismay about the death of a cyclist who was hit by a lorry along Changi Coast Road ('Cyclist killed, driver arrested'; Sunday). I later found out that he was an acquaintance from my student days.
Having both ridden and driven along the same stretch of road on numerous occasions, I can attest to the dangerous speeds of some vehicles, especially large trucks and prime movers, travelling on that road. While safety measures such as road signs alerting drivers to the presence of cyclists have been introduced in recent years, much more can be done to prevent dangerous driving in the area. For example, in addition to more stringent enforcement of speed limits, companies whose vehicles are known to utilise the road frequently can be directly targeted to remind their drivers to take extra precautions.
Generally, road users in Singapore need to be better educated. I am wont to believe that a straw poll would reveal that many drivers still believe it is illegal for cyclists to be on the road.
Drivers should also be educated about the proper driving behaviour to adopt around cyclists and motorcyclists. Many do not realise that travelling at high speeds next to cyclists causes them to be drawn towards the vehicles. On the flipside, cyclists, regardless or whether they ride for sport or as a form of transport, should also be educated about safety precautions and proper cycling habits.
More can and should be done, and sooner rather than later. While nobody wants an accident to occur, there is more that we can do to prevent them. Liberties should not be taken when lives are at stake
Benny Tan" 

New old bike story in ZaoBao

Chinese Translation by my dear wife,Wu JinFeng

这是我的自行车。我人生中的第一辆自行车。它是我利用假期在书店打工赚取的微薄薪水慢慢累积换来的。它虽然没有顶级性能,却标志着我生命中一个非常重要的阶段:年少的我凭藉自己的力量圆了自己的一个梦想。那年,我还是个口袋里没几个钱的中一学生。我记得走进一间位于后港的自行车店,帅酷地跟老板说: 给我一部Racer自行车! 他不假思索地说:就这部吧!钢的,Shimano日本牌, 很不错哟!我不记得我们之间完整的对话,却牢牢地记住了心头儿的那股热。那发亮的银色, 干净的线条,怎么看都令人炫目着迷。唯一的遗憾就是车身太高大不符合瘦小的我,而我呢,左看右看,也知道自己的“财力”有限,也只能够欣然接受它的“缺陷美”,买下它!
这辆自行车盛载着我率性精彩的童年,我渴望重新拥抱它!我走访了很多间自行车店,得到的答案都相同:不要修复啦,丢掉它,去买一台新的,比较划算!我努力地告诉他们--它很特别,他们只是一笑了之。几番折腾后,我在朋友的介绍下找到了一间由三个大男孩联手打理的店铺TR Bike。L、C 和H,这三个大顽童在听了我的故事后,没把我当傻子,只说:放心好了,我们会好好照顾它的!
两个星期一晃而过,一天我接到C的电话:快下来看你的宝贝吧!我搁下手中事马上冲了去,一路上心里竟然忐忑不安,手心还直冒汗!终于与它相见了,我兴奋得想放声高喊!它修复得很有个性,车身的一些旧划痕得以适当保留,就像青春战斗的伤疤!褪下曾经闪亮的银色,它显得那么坦荡自信,像在对我示意,伙伴儿,我们再一起上路冒险吧!它没装备速度调节器,我的双脚用心地骑着,时而快时而慢,记忆在我的身边翱翔, 我又是个少年,迎着风,梦想在我心里逐渐壮大!欢迎你归队,我的老朋友!
New Old bike
The poor bike have been standing there for a long time. It was a sad mess and the fram have a lot of scratches and rust spot. No major dents but thoroughly covered in dust and cobwebs. Rim wise, it was worn, useable and the spokes rusted. Cheng Sin Tyres deflated, hardens and cracked. It was just sitting there quietly for 20 years in my mum’s basement. 
It was my bicycle. My very first bicycle. The bike I had bought using my first monthly salary working at the local bookstore. It wasn’t the top of the line bicycle but nevertheless it marked a very important phase of my life. I was in Secondary 1 and didn’t have a lot of money. I remembered the awe I had going to the bicycle shop at Hougang. I just told the shop uncle “ erh.. I want a racer and In a blur he sold me this bicycle with the words “ It is a steel frame, shimano parts, very good one” I couldn’t remember the full conversation but I remember distinctly how the bicycle looked. It was shiny and silver.  Pristine and clean. A size too big but it was just the right price. 
With the bicycle, it was like having wings. I could explore the neighborhood and ride anywhere. It was my magic carpet and very liberating. Magical if u considered that I didn’t have lights nor a water bottle.
Powered by youth, I keep riding. It is amazing to feel the wind on my face. I rode from my home at Serangoon Gardens to Punggol End. Approaching Punggol was quite an adventure as it was still very forested and windy. I really didn’t know where I was heading. I just followed the road to the end of the jetty. Then turned back and rode home. Thinking back, I actually even rode on the ECP expressway once. For that ride, I was stopped by a policeman who told me that bicycles are not allowed on expressway. I honestly didn’t know that. Mr Policeman was smiling when he told me that. As if he also had done the same thing as I did when he was a schoolboy.
This bike is full of my childhood memories. I had to restore it. I spoke to many shop and all just told me to throw the bicycle away. That is was not worth it. I tried telling them about my childhood memories but they just laughed it off.
And eventually I found a shop by the name of TR bikes who agreed to help me. When I told TR bikes Lytnen, Chris and Henry my story, Chris looked at me and said. “Dun worry bro, we will take care of it.  2 weeks passed and I received a call from Chris. “The bicycle is ready.. come and see it….” I rushed down. Heart pumping and sweating. It was a beauty! Small changes and you can still see the scratches on the frame. I decided to leave it as is. Like battle scars and not shiny. The bike beckoned me to ride it and I did. Just a single speed, no fussing with gears. I pedaled and the bike moved forward. Just like old times. Wind in my face and I smiled. Welcome back old friend!

Ros for Jude ride feelings by Derrick

This is from Derrick and I want to capture his thoughts so that we don't forget. 
Impromptu Ride of Silence
- 140+ Riders, 4 Support & Safety Escort Vehicles
- All Cycling Groups represented
- 1 purpose, to pay our respects to a fellow cyclist Jude Alphonsus Tan

8.45pm we gathered at the Park Connector Network (PCN) by Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. I was expecting no more than 60 cyclists but I severely underestimated the unity of Singapore's cycling community. This RoS was created in less than a day and we had a whopping 94 turn up which eventually settled at about 140+ cyclist.

Why so many? How? I don't know really, but I'm sure sick of dumb-fucks spewing inhumane remarks simply because they have zero sensitivity to a life lost. Yes he rode safely, yes he had safety lights turned on and yes he is resting in peace now. I attended this ride because I wanted to honor a fellow cyclist that perished.

Tonight's event is by far the strictest and safest ride I've ever partook. We had 8 volunteers, 3 lead riders, 3 sweepers and we were crawling at a pitiful 15kmh. We took the PCN where available but even at a laughable 15kmh, rocks threatened to throw us off balance, drainage covers waited to catch our road bike 23c tires. Most of us managed to avoid these hazards but parts of the PCN remained unlit, uneven grounds promised to wreak havoc on our rims and pedestrians questioned our presence on the PCN.

After seemingly forever, we arrived at Changi Village. We rode on the leftmost lane and continued crawling towards Changi Coastal Road, Lamppost 157 with Safety Vehicles escorting us. It was a very solemn episode and we observed utmost silence albeit with safety as our priority. At the lamppost that Jude perished, we had a minute of silence for him and the event concluded with requests for interviews by the media, speeches from members of CycleKakis, as well as Mr Steven Lim, the president of the Safety Cycling Task Force – who also happens to be my neighbour, hence I call him neighbor Lim.

Neighbor Lim drilled safety cycling into me, literally, and I am a firm believer of his pet phrase, “cyclist & drivers alike, we should learn to share the roads”. His pet phrase is always then preceded with repeated utterances about safety cycling that is already etched deep in my mind by none other than himself. As Neighbour Lim gave his speech, I can’t help but let my attention be veered towards a trailer truck speeding evidently past its speed limit. A moment later, cars zoomed by like F1 drivers in a race.

I then realized that a cyclist in Singapore has very fragile existence and there are only so many precautions we can take. No doubt, we have cyclists who pedal dangerously; they are a hazard to everyone including themselves, but even with pedestrians & drivers, we have stupid pedestrians obstructing cyclist and drunk drivers manoeuvring behind the wheels.

Pedestrian killed Cyclist:
Drunk Drivers:

Just this evening as I made my way to this impromptu RoS, I was squeezed to the curb by an SBS bus and on my way home with several cyclists, a car honked at us repeatedly as it sped past us at a speed I can’t tell for it was a blur. Is the driver crazy? Might he knock us down? Do we stop, slow down or pedal on? How are we to react? We were already observing safety riding!

So for all you douche bags and couch potato who continue to condemn all cyclist for a handful of bad apples, condemn yourselves too. We cycle, we walk & we drive. When you criticize cyclists, do you know our point of views like we know yours? Be reasonable.

PS: Support & Safety Escort Vehicles were provided by fellow cyclist, thank you for your time.

All have part to play

I AM saddened by the death of a cyclist who was hit by a lorry along Changi Coast Road last Saturday ('Cyclist killed, driver arrested'; Sunday).Changi Coast Road is popular among cyclists, and there are many 'cyclists ahead' warning signs to warn motorists to look out for them.Drivers need to recognise that cyclists have an equal right to use the road, and to keep a safe distance when overtaking them.There have been suggestions online that cyclists should not be on the road because they do not pay road tax. But determining who gets to use public facilities does not hinge on how much tax one pays. After all, we also see road tax-paying motorcyclists being squeezed off the roads.More important is sharing whatever limited resources we have on this tiny island, and looking out for one another.
We advise cyclists to:
  • Travel in a proper and safe manner;
  • Wear light-coloured clothing;
  • Have lights - white in front, and red at the back - on their bicycles;
  • Use hand signals to communicate with other road users; and
  • Be patient and courteous, as well as adopt safe practices.
It is time for the authorities to review some of the rules and penalties for law-breaking motorists. It is not just about catching errant drivers like speedsters, but also the penalties they face after being convicted.Some of the penalties are too light, especially for those who cause deaths through their recklessness.While no amount of fines and jail terms would bring back a life, the penalties must serve as a deterrent to other motorists.While rules and penalties may maintain order, it is also important for road users to have the right mindset and attitude. They have to keep themselves and others safe on the roads. It is about being forgiving, friendly and gracious.
We applaud Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean's call to get tough with errant motorists ('Get tough on speeding, reckless driving: DPM'; May 17).
Steven Lim
Safe Cycling Task Force

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rethinking the city by Mark Gorton

why is it that Developed Countries are championing for liveable cities with considerations for bike lanes and this cannot be achieved in Singapore? A friend of mine, "L"will always tell me... "because there is no money to be made!think of the COE and how much money it generates. How will they give that up?" I can't argue with that but I am very attracted by what Mark Gorton is sharing in this video.

How many more?

How many more have to die before the government relook at the cyclist's situation Singapore? I am not optimistic things will improve for cyclists. What we as cyclists can do now is to simply reduce our chances by staying alert for danger. Be visible and paranoid..... A bit like Russian Roulette... :(
From the TNP 29th May 2012
From TNP 29th May 2012
Rider down :( 
Now taking another hat and coldly looking at statistics. It seems like Cycling is comparably "safer" to motorcycling and walking! I think we are all very emotional and affected about the recent events which 2 lives were lost in 3 days. Additionally I found that till March, 7 cyclists died on the road.....
How can things be improved? Where do we feedback our concerns and are the authorities even concerned about this? Or it is sitting at the backburner"" after the MRT fiasco and Ferrari incident  

Cold hard facts in Statistics 

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Letter to Jude, by Josephine Pooint Neo

A Letter to Jude, Our Dearest 18/03 Classmate - You will always be with Us
by Josephine Pooint Neo on Monday, May 28, 2012 at 1:19am ·
Dear Jude,

I miss you. I am missing you right now badly. Buckets of tear are just streaming down my cheeks. I just can't get over your sudden departure.  I just keep asking 'Where are you, Jude?", "Jude, are you really gone?". "Jude, can you answer me?" When I first heard the news from my sister and confirmed it from your facebook posts, I was like "is this a joke?" You know, you always like to joke aJround. We can hardly take things serious about you. When I called Elsa and Betty to confirm, the news became cold hard facts. Yet it just didn't feel real. My legs went cold. I was paralyzed. I felt like vomitting. In my mind, I keep thinking "It can't be", "It can't be".
 Life is so UNFAIR! You didn't even get to enjoy life as much as you could! Jude, I always tease you for being such a thrifty guy. Being so miserly with your 500 sms limit per month. I believe we all knew how Jude is always trying to be thrifty and saving up for greater plans he has in life. Totally UNFAIR! You have so much to accomplish in life. So many things undone. You were just starting out. So many plans you have. Why God didn't give you a chance to complete them? Why God allowed you to start the projects only to take you away so abruptly! Everyone in class are in shock! Totally speechless. We don't know what to say. Some of us don't know how to react. Did you see the tears shed for you at the wake just now? Did you also see the unshed tears? Everyone's heart is broken. We could only seek solace in each other's eyes and gentle touch to show we care.
You haven't met Wai Kit, have you? Some of our classmates didn't turn up at this year class birthday celebration. Tonight, we met quite a few rare classmates. Wai Kit and Ching Mien. It was sad to have to meet them at this kind of setting. It was never meant to turn out this way.
 Being the happy-go-lucky guy you are, I know you probably will tell me (and us) not to be sad over your departure. You will flash your super white teeth (it is white in comparison to your very dark skin tone) and cheer us up. We share the same faith, and I know that you have been called back by Father to return to Him. But why Jude? Why did Father call you back so early? Father, can I ask you why have you called Jude back so early?
 This is what most of us remember you as - Someone whom we can talk anytime we feel like having someone to talk to. Jude, you know how much value I give to our friendship? You are a friend, a very close friend. Though we don't meet up often but we know we can always click so well when we meet up again. I remember when I first entered TJC, I was one of the new students in class. You were the one who broke the ice and helped Sing Yung and I integrate into the class. You sat behind us and introduced yourself as CAMEL because you drink a lot of water. I believe many people still remember you as THE CAMEL!
 Jude, your fighting spirit is so strong. But this time, why weren't you given a chance to fight. What is this? Pronounced DOA? How can?! When in JC days, you were hospitalised because of dengue fever, I visited you at CGH and wrote you a letter cos I was afraid you might be bored. Do you remember I make you write a letter back to me? And you did, with your ugly handwriting though. Your condition was pretty bad with the extremely low platelets and you looked so pale and sick. The whole class was so worried and glad when you pulled through the dengue fever and bounced back to health.
 You are one who always serve others and willing to help your friends. As a result you have MANY friends with whom you have crossed paths with. My JC days was one of the best because of you. One day you played the harmonica for us in class. And I wanted to learn so you taught me how to play the harmonica without hesitation. You even brought me to Bras Brasah to buy the harmonica. We spend days learning the harmonica and I was so happy that I could play a few songs with style. We were laughing at how I couldn't coordinate the blow and suck of the holes and having so much saliva spitting into the harmonica. Jude, I still have the harmonica that we bought together with me. I am so glad I didn't throw it away though it is spoilt. Today when I was heading to the MRT station to take a train to attend your wake, I heard the sounds of harmonica. My tears just went uncontrollable.
Your talent was not just limited to the harmonica. We lost a guitarist and entertainer of the class too. Remember we also had days of playing the guitar together? we played for Teachers day? We were the two guitarists and the whole class sang along. Do you remember the songs we played? "Somewhere over the rainbow" and "对面的女孩". We had so much fun celebrating Teachers Day. Jude, You taught me how to laugh at oneself and be confident. During our practice, we both realised we can't sing! We are tone deaf and we got so silly laughing at ourselves for singing out of tune. Nonetheless we enjoyed ourselves.
 We lost a friend.  Jude, where are you? I believe many of us in this class has confided in Jude before at least once in your life. Jude is such a great person to chat with for he can talk about anything under the sun. Though you seldom keep secrets well unless you are told not to spread. Now, I have lost my confidante in discussing relationship stuff. I remember those sessions we have on sms and MSN about relationship issues. We both were helping each other in understanding the opposite sex. Jude, now that you are not around, who can I turn to?
 Jude, you were the photographer for our class. Your photo works for special events of some of our classmates will linger on. You taught me photography too. Some of our classmates were inspired by you too to take up photography. You were like the initiator of all fun, new and upcoming trends. I remembered my first exposure to photography was with you at Botanical Gardens. You took photos of Bonsai plants. Weird objects to take of but that's just you. Being the unconventional person whom I know. Speaking of photography, it just triggers tears in me again. The first camera I have - Olympus - you brought me to Funan IT Mall to buy it. Jude, why did you have to teach me so many things that just thinking of you or seeing my personal objects makes me cry.
 Jude, why did you go cycling again? Didn't you tell me you have stopped cycling when we met up in March? Why did you bring out your bicycle? So many 'whys' questions that I have no answers to and no one to ask. Jude, were you cycling in tandem and on the outer side so as to help other riders? Jude, you are just you, being so responsible. I remember we had a class cycling and you were the one leading us too, being the visible rider for the group. Jude, can't you for once be selfish and just stick to one file?
 Thanks Jude for teaching me how to pursue our dreams. You were one who is always so inspirational. Your attitude to life is take it as life comes. Do not worry beyond. You go all out for what you want to do. No regrets in life. I am so glad you, I and Betty tried to collaborate for the pizza business too. Though we couldn't be partners, we tried. You were such a wonderful person. When I whined that I didn't get to eat your pizza despite helping you trial new menus for your pizza business, you agreed to come to my house to do pizza for me!!! I must say your dough making process was so creative, flipping it in the air. It was your way of trademark your business.
 Jude, what am I supposed to do with those sms messages in my handphone? I was still conversing with you on the phone. We were planning to go trekking together with Junychi, remember? You were still telling me you and Junychi was going to hike along Lim Chu Kang road. Each time, I wanted to join you, our timing wasn't correct. I was so looking forward to a hike with the two of you. We talked about going for overseas hiking trip too that's why I was to join you for hiking in SG first. We were to share great trekking routes in Singapore. You asked me about MacRitchie routes too. Jude, will we get a chance to hike together again?
 Jude, you were telling me you and Junychi were going Melbourne and trying for consultancy jobs. You sought my advice on Melbourne transport system cos I stayed there before. We were supposed to meet to trek and I was supposed to share with you all the best things of Melbourne and its transport system! But it just never happened and it will never happen. And you promised to give me a treat if you landed the counsultancy job cos I provided you with Melbourne travel info. Jude, I wish I can give you the treat instead. Jude, can you hear me?
 Jude, I really hope you hear all of these words from me. This feels so like relieving the good times together as old friends. Your death is too sudden. All of us are in shock. We lost a friend. We lost a classmate. We lost the entertainer of the class. We lost Camel. We lost Mr Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none. We lost Mr Harmonica. We lost Mr. Guitar. We lost Mr. Pizza Man. We lost Mr. Windsurfer dude. We lost Mr. Photographer. We lost you, Jude.
 However, I believe your soul and essence still lingers with us. Your laughter. Your voice. Your happy-go-lucky character. Your why-worry-about-tomorrow attitude. Your long hair. Your pizzas. We will always remember you. The class of 18/03 will remember you forever. You make the celebration of 18/03 class birthday on 18th March 2012 possible cos you are always so willing to Serve.
 Rest well Jude. Till then, we shall meet and reunite in the Father's kingdom.

 P.S. I have tagged all our classmates as well. Sharing this note with them so that we can remember you together.

Letter to MOT

Mr. Lui Tuck Yew
C.C. Secretary MOT) (Mr. Teo Sur Luck)  

Review of law and road design to promote safe driving
Dear Minister,
We are LovecyclingSG, a group of ordinary people who love cycling in Singapore. Among us there are parents, children and friends. We have been cycling all around Singapore every Sunday morning since 2 years ago. Cycling opens our eyes and minds and enhanced our appreciation of Singapore as a green, modern city.
We believe cycling is for everyone and it is the most eco-friendly, healthy and human way of moving around besides walking. A number of our 1800 members are considering to cycle to work or have already done so. We are grateful for world-class road infrastructure and public transportation today, and we do hope the same can be done to facilitate safe cycling. 
The recent incidents along Changi Coast Road and Lower Delta road, where three cyclists were killed in a crash involving cars and bicycle, highlighting the fact that the main source of danger for cyclists are motorized vehicles, especially fast moving big vehicles. These heart breaking incidents can be and should be avoided or mitigated.

Apart from the need to improve education for drivers/cyclists to adopt a gracious road attitude, we would like to highlight two areas for consideration:

Firstly, there is a general feeling that the penalty for life endangering behavior like drink driving, reckless driving or speeding are way too lenient to be effective as a deterrence.

Secondly, roads and junction design and configuration seem to undermine the safety of human (pedestrians and cyclists), and in favor of smoother movement for cars. For example:

- Large radius at road corner facilitate smooth turning with little or no need to slow down, but pedestrians or cyclist pushing a bike crossing the road has to look behind (right) to make sure no careless driver. The extra crossing distance needed to cover the radius exposes children, elderly or disabled people to more danger of cars. Pedestrian crossing is safer to be drawn at least 15 meter from the junction.

- Many lanes are wider than standard, these wide lanes encourage speeding because it feels slower on a wide open lane compared to a narrower lane. Such lanes can be narrowed down and at the same time, create some breathing space for cyclists between the double yellow lines and the curb side.

We should review our current road design. Many life-endangering situations can be reduced by a simple adjustment of the road marking or minor reconstruction. It will help to calm the speeding traffic and will certainly help to save the lives of healthy living people who may be our family members or friends.

We hope a serious investigation can be initiated by MOT, involving the feedback of all road users and stake-holders, with the intention to come to :

1) improve legislation to allow the law to deal with irresponsible driving behavior more effectively
2) improve road and junction design in favour of human life over slight speed gain of car movement.

 We are more than happy to help in this investigation as a feedback group. Many of us are drivers and understand traffic rules well. W
e look forward to your response and to meet up to provide our feedback and suggestions.

Best regards,
 Francis Chu & Taiwoon Woon
on behalf of LovecyclingSG

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rider Profile Christine Gan

Introducing Christine Gan! LCSG lady rep for Trifactor interbike club event 2012. She has a very nice personality and relaxed style. But dun let that think you can smoke her with ur latest techno gizmo carbon bike as she will spin very nicely alongside you with a reggae tune blasting along. And nary breaking into a sweat. Read more about how she join lovecyclingsg and cheer for her on the 10th June 2012 Trifactor event!  
Christine on an easy ride

Christine Trusty Dahon

E.R.P is alive! Christine with her kakis
We all ride as one!

Rider Profile- Q&A’

• Tell me about yourself
Ordinary neighborhood girl who can’t wait to flee after work to East Coast Park for a jog or rollerblade, or to rent a bike and cycle down to change village! Cruising along ECP gives me a sense of freedom and closeness to the vast Mother Nature. Spirit is always at all time high as I lived just 4km from ECP. Furthermore, with Coldplay or Draughty blasting from my music player, makes the ride wholesome as well but may be deafening for some oops keke.
• How did you start cycling?
I learnt cycling at a tender age, boyish since young, always running around, following wherever my elder brother goes. Dad got us a second-hand yellow BMX bike and my brother, Roger Gan, aka “my mobile training wheels” was pushing me around as I pedaled at our neighborhood void deck. On one occasion, I was pinned down by the bike, after a neighbor rammed head-on to me with his bike. My ankle swell and was limping for weeks but this minor accident did not deter me from cycling less I’ll would not have met this wonderful cycling group, LCSG!
• Why do you like cycling?
Cycling brings me to places I would otherwise never been, and it brings me further than my legs or blades would have. I can't run or blade longer than 3 hours in one sitting. What amazes me is I can cycle the entire day, taking in the sights and sceneries, stopping at interesting places for photo shoots and LCSG signatures left right posing, and refueling with savory food and drinks, without feeling run down till, the next day of course... It's definitely a greener and sustainable mode of transport with zero carbon footprints.
• When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
I first met LCSG at Passion cycling soft launch at Geylang serai cc. I was on my own at the event; the initial meet up was a little intimidating with groups of people on nice, colourful, expensive looking foldies unlike my “old school Dahon classic”. Nonetheless, when everyone started rolling off to gardens by the bay, I was caught off guard many members are admiring my classic.
 Soon my classic helped bridged the rider with the friendly bunch of people of LCSG. I recalled Steven Lim, was obviously having a hard time "sweeping" me, as I was at my snail's pace throughout the ride. I truly enjoyed his sharing and passion towards advocating safe cycling in Singapore till to date. 
After the event, I added myself into the LCSG group. I wanted to go further than my usual ECP fort road to CV and back, in groups with like-minded people who enjoy outdoor activities, and ride just as hard, take many photographs for memories and have fabulous Sundays!
• Your steel horses- names and more details.
 One and only "steel and heavy duty" blue classic dahon V. The bike was a finder’s keeper, under-used and sitting too comfortably in the storeroom, wrapped up in cling-wrap as well as cob webs keke. I had the inner tubes, tyres, hand grips and cable housing changed before started rolling off to my usual hunt, ECP, in mid-2011.
My classic has helped me scaled 128km on Paul Remembrance ride, 39km OCBC cycle 2012, Kopi coffee rides on Saturdays and survived the rider's persistence in clocking mileages after almost each Sunday's rides and weekdays training rides. Moreover, I will bring it along to participate in the Trifactor inter-club cycling event on 10 June 12. No doubt I'm not the best female cyclist to represent LCSG, my Dahon classic will certainly love to be part of this awesome event. Furthermore the rider is looking forward to a positive competitive experience.
• Your favorite cycling kakis
My friends, since junior college days, gosh more than 10 years of friendship, with Chelsea Khoo (proud owner of Bianchi and BF) and Joey Soh ( PCN mei mei on Cannondale). Not forgetting Chelsea's better half, Alan Teo, and the LCSG panda teammates…plus Kopi coffee riders too.
• What I've learnt since day 1 joining LCSG
It's been 6 months since I joined LCSG. I've transformed from PCN girl to a can-cycle-on-road girl. It was a big step for me. In addition, I'm no longer as intimidated as I was before on the roads. I’ve learnt the proper way of signaling my intentions on the road while cycling and practice safe riding at all times. Being a driver cum avid cyclist now, I have become more tolerant and considerate towards fellow cyclist and more willing to share the roads alongside with them.
• Other things to share. Life motto etc
Nothing is too daunting! Be an optimist!!!
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you look at it...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Verdict on Ben mok case

After 2 years, the case finally closed on Ben Mok's case. 4 weeks jail and 5 years driving ban for Doctor Teo. You can read more here.

It is too light a sentence for a life taken away? I find myself reflecting on this time and time again. Well, I know one thing for sure. A cyclists died due to a reckless act and many other lives are affected.  Take care of youself on the road. For yourself and for your family.
If you are a cyclist in Singapore, you might want to read up on this case and ask yourself. How much is a life worth?  And can more be done to make cycling safer for all?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dahon Story

A very interesting video of Dahon story. It is amazing to see how far the brand has come thru.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Drawing with GPS

This is an awesome community project by Tokyo GPS cycling folks. It is called Tokyo Zoo project. The idea is to use GPS coordinates/waypoints to draw out animal images. To get the community going, they tweet to get feedback on which animal to draw. Then a group of volunteers will draw out (analogue style) and key in the waypoints for the animal diagram. This map coordinates is passed to cycling groups to "trace out" What I love about this effort is the level of community spirit and participation. I am very tempted to do a Merlion to start off... would you help me? I need artists, map guys and helpers...send me a PM if you like to make this happen in Singapore. Thanks!

Drawing the route in a analogue style