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Rider Profile - Eddie Carryme Lim! Poison King!

Team Carryme at LCSG Treasurehunt 2012
Eddie as Laughing Yoga instructor 
With his fav Carryme

Eddie and his team leading a Sunday ride 

Carryme galore
MC Eddie and Tiger with some angels.. at LCSG event
Rider Profile- Q&A
* Tell me about yourself
Ello! I’m Eddie lim  and I’m an Educator at a Secondary School in the East. I’m single and available as well? *haha.* I guess I can say I’m a people person and I love to try all sorta crazy activities be it in sports or traveling.
* How did you started cycling
I re-started my interest in cycling at the end of last year, 2011 when my good buddy Wan Tiger was starting to get an interest in & cycling & bicycles at that time and there was the fateful day when he “jio-ed” me “Come Eddie. Follow me to check out some Fix-ies” and being a good buddy, I don’t question; just follow. Then from checking out many (and I really meant MANY) bike shops all over our tiny island in that one day, I was "poisoned" to get a bike to start off an activity for a new year resolution in 2012. I have been a re-convert since then!!
* Why do you like cycling
Cycling really helps me in the following ways:
Financial: I commute to work with my bike (Sengkang to Pasir Ris) and.. it has saved me some $$$ from the public bus transport!!! HOWEVER, the amounta of money saved is simply not enough to cover the incoming bike accessories poison. LOL. Well.. for my bikes, its worth it?? Right? 
Health: Since I’m cycling to school almost like everyone.. I can safely say that I clocked in a 1hr of working out daily? Haha again.. HOWEVER, sometimes I think I eat more than I cycle for the leisure rides! Also, I really felt my fitness coming back with the recent good results in my IPPT!! 
Social: I think I came to know more friends from various backgrounds since joining LCSG. The people here in this cycling group are humble, superb friendly and easy to strike a conversation (which, of course will probably leads to more POISONING of Bike-related stuff.. haix).
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
I met LCSG at a Leh-Longx2 Sale @ West Coast invited by Ming Tian, back at the end of 2011 when I was still researching and looking around for a bicycle for myself. I was really impressed by the friendliness and welcoming feel of the group. I remembered everyone was so inviting and offered to let me test ride their bikes!! Haha.. now looking back.. they’re just trying to “poison” me!
* Your steel horses- names and more details.
My 1st Foldie: 
A Tern P9 named Nite Rider 1 aka NrONE. Saw her in MyBikeShop and immediately fell in love as it was a pretty stiff bike with decent good specs for commuting and speed. An awesome bike that served as my wheels for work and training rides.
My 2nd Foldie:
A CarryMe SD named Lite Rider 1 aka LrONE. This cute machine has already intrigued me big time during one of my first few rides with LCSG . And after a ride exchange during the Bukit Brown Ride, I was sold on the idea of having this 8’wheel bike and shortly after.. well u know the rest.. 
My 3rd Bike:
Not at the moment!! Although Secret planning and saving up for the 3rd one in progress. Cannot tell what bike yet… if not, sure kena more poison from the various LCSG members.
* Your favorite cycling kakis
It got to be my Team CarryMe khakis like Ro, Wan Tiger, Ming Tian, Arica, Joe and many others in the LoveCarryMeSG group. Also not forgetting the many others in LCSG in the weekly Sunday rides as well, where everyone is welcoming, warm & friendly to each other. It makes you feel belonged the moment you come into the group. The company of crazy fun-loving people is one of the reasons why I really enjoy the rides.
* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
Does my work route count? Haha. If not.. probably Punggol/Sengkang PCN? Since I’m like staying in Sengkang area… For LCSG ride: I have to say it was the recent Remembering Paul Lim ride where the Team CarryMe made an attempt to clear the 128km ride. Even thou we cleared only 82km, the encouragement and support the other rest of the LCSG members gave us, and the amount of crazy stuff that was experienced among the CarryMe riders… was in short: total awesomeness. Something I would forever remember..
* Your role at LCSG
I’m just a small fry la.. only recent title post given to me is CarryMe Poison Master.. wahahaha.. *Disclaimer: I don’t get any commission for any CM bought okie? I’m just in love with this cute awesome machine and wanna share more to others!! * 
I mainly will try to help out in whatever I can during the rides; be it safety, sweep, event planning or just being an entertainer to all? Hmmm… 
* Your feelings after and during organising LCSG rides
Well… We, the CarryMe Teams are currently planning our first ride. It’s CRAZY working with a group of CRAZY fun-loving people who want to give their best to LCSG in terms of fun & laughter. So watch out and do come for our ride on the 13th May “CarryMe leads the way” Ride!!!
* Tips to share with fellow riders
Probably I guess it’s tips for riders that just join or going to join us? Since I’m pretty new myself.. 
Q: Don’t know who’s who in the ride? 
A: Say Hello and intro yourself. Everyone’s friendly over here (or just go Facebook to check it out. haha)
Q: Don’t know a lot about bicycle stuff? 
A: Ask around or Post up in Facebook. Get Poisoned. Learn.
Q: Don’t know if you on the correct route during LCSG ride?
A: Just follow someone who looks quite “zai” & “lao-jiao” (He/She probably very friendly so you have no worries).
Q: Don’t know if you’re fit enough to keep up with the rest?
A: No worries as LCSG have never left anyone behind! Also there’s no shame in stepping off your bike to push if you’re up against a slope! True story.
Q: Don’t know if you feel you can mix in with the crowd in LCSG
A: It’s okie. Like everyone else, I felt the same way at first too. Just join in. Ride. Enjoy. You’ll be okie.
* Other things to share.. Life motto etc
Life motto? Hmmm… okie here goes:
“In Life, there’s always Choices. I chose to be Positive & Happy :).”
Want to join us? Visit LoveCyclingSG FB or LCSG Carryme team.. sure damm fun one.

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