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Rider Profile - Tiger Wan Carry Prince

The fun and tightly knit Carryme family!

Wan helping to route mark on Sunday rides 
* Tell me about yourself
YO YO ! Hi everyone...My Name is Wan Tiger and i'm working as a Freelance Outdoor Instructor with companies like Adam Khoo. I am also a trader/broker who does Forex trading (Thats the boring part, but what to do, it pays decently...) I was an army officer and a teacher previously. i love meeting people and making them laugh and smile is my forte. I speak 5 languages. Love the outdoors and enjoys travelling to the max. Counts fishing and photography as my dearest hobbies. Yeay !! 
* How did you started cycling
I picked up cycling when i was little. (Thanks Dad for forcing me to ride on a super uncool bike with 2 small wheels at the back.) During my school days, we were more into trail bikes and mountain biking. We rode to Malaysia (e.g Kota Tinggi and Malacca) and that is truly owesome. How often will you knock into cows while riding.? Only Malaysia...Truly Asia..!  
* Why do you like cycling
Cycling gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want. Beside other health benefits, they are practical and economical too. i love speed so the feeling of adreline pumping while drafting behind faster riders during training rides gives me a great fantastic feeling and a good workout. 
* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
On bike rides, as in life, it is often a stranger who imparts on you the most valuable pieces of wisdom. Such was the case for me! I meet strangers one morning at a lelong event in West Coast Park, who not only share their joy but also their love for cycling. 
Fast forward to today, i have not only re-ignite my love for riding, but also make good friends and are in the company of those who enjoys riding Mr Two Wheeler. Sunday mornings are usually filled with excitement in the form of meeting new friends, explore and enjoy beautiful sceneries that Singapore has to offer. Training rides are also lovely to the body as its gives you the zest to stay in shape and get fitter. Thank you LCSG for poisoning me. Now its my turn to poison other people. keke. 
* Your steel horses- names and more details.
Bike 1) MTB Muddy Fox USA (Grey Rhino)
My First ever Full sus mountain Bike that i save really hard to buy. It has been with me since i was 21 and it is still rideable till date. He's old he stays home to chill most of the time. 
Bike 2) Dahon Speed P8 (White Prince)
First Foldie after kena poison by LCSG. Bought and zhg until seow. Its steel frame enhanced by a 9 speed setup, durano 1.1 tyres and wheelsports wheel set makes it a fast ride. Now looking to sell and upgrade to a BF or Taiwoon's favourite AM perhaps...hmmm...hiak hiak. 
Bike 3)Pacific Carry Me (Black Mamba)
OMG OMG...Where do i start?? day my buddy Ming Tian loaned me his carry me. i had it for 3 days and boy, was i hooked big time. Its really a great bike. I am the Biggest (in terms of size)in the Carry Me Team and i ride it effortlessly. So for those who are still thinking....Mai Tu Liao...need to test....Take mine and you will be impressed. Its a great city cruising bike. 
* Your favorite cycling kakis
LCSG...!! YEAY!! I made many good friends in LCSG cos they are just awesome. Thank you peeps for making my stay in LSCG a wonderful and welcoming one...!! Xie Xie ni men....!
MY CARRY ME TEAM - We started out from 4 and with the generous support from many others, we have really spread. A big Thank You to RO AND Ribena who made it possible after NTU 128km....Arica for her bubbly personality and make things happen and my 2 buddies Ming Tian and Eddie who as a trio, we poison many others. keke. And also many others in Carry Me who i enjoy meeting you always on rides. 

Velo Familia Team - A team made up mostly of close good friends who love the art of impromtu riding events and filling up rides with lots of wacky jokes and laughter. Ishaq, Khairul Rahim, Azri Abbas. Bicycle Spa hardy, Roslan, Juffri and many others. 
* Your role at LCSG
Me no role lah..Just doin my best to entertain people i meet and make new people feel welcome....Doing my best also to asssit in in safety, sweep, plan nonsense wacky event etc. In Carry Me, i'm known as GPS King. Just tell me where you want to go and i get you there, coupled with slopes, laughters and fun. keke. 
* Tips to share with fellow riders
Safety is your own responsibility so pls be safe guys. Other than that, a smile is the best present one can give or receive. So just smile and say hello. It always work wonders. From Strangers, we will become good friends... 
* Other things to share.. Life motto etc
My personal life motto that I hold on to dearly..My father once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition. 
On the hindsight...My personal wish for Singapore is to be a vibrant cycling city (Like Taiwan and Holland) . So for any 'Gahmen' ppl reading this, pls let's make it happen one day. To NP... pls carry on what you have been doing cos its really making an impact. 
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving ~ Albert Einstein
Ride Hard, Ride Fast and Ride safe. WAN 
Ps: But Beware – ” Who says cycling is a cheap hobby”
Want to know more and read about his cycling adventures? Pls visit Wan's Blog!
Saving the last for the best... thank you the most important person in my life, my girlfriend Germaine Lim who always allows me to go for rides, never complains when I am out with Mr Two wheels. She is not poisoned.. .yet but soon...working on it:) 

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