Monday, May 21, 2012

LCSG Ride of Silence(ROS) 2012

LCSG ROS 2012 @ MBS end point

On 20th May 2012, Sunday.  The official ROS was cancelled but still we as LCSG rode on for ROS, to honour the cyclist who had been injured, killed on the roads. I did a rough count and it was about 100 riders who participated.  For myself,  I rode for Paul Lim memory . It made it extra special as Sandra Leong(Paul's wife) also joined us for this event. Even when she was not too confident of her riding.  I give her 100 points for efforts!  As a nice gesture, Benoit also did some LCSG sticker and gave out some fluro-ram bands for all. 
Benoit who organised and led the previous 3 ROS sharing on the ROS intent. 
Team leader, Mr Teo briefing his pack

Wah lau .....Classic LCSG... :)   Photo credits uncle KC
 To reduce the traffic congestion and also make it safer for all. The group was split into 5 pack of 20 and dispatched in intervals of 5 min.  In the usual LCSG team spirit, the group Leads, Safety and Sweepers did their roles superbly and confidently. As we rode the first sector of the PCN slowly in formation in relative silence. It drew more attention to what we tried to bring across.....
That Cycling is here to stay. It is not a trend that will go away. Let's all share the road and watch our for the cyclists.  Thank you very very much to all the Leads, safety and sweeps for an excellent work and making it a safe and enjoyable ROS 2012.
More photos of the ride here.
From uncle KC  , Encik George Lim

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