Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting SPD-ed

This is my first SPD pedal, PD A520  
Nicely shaped wide support with MTB style spd 
I finally relented after the hopeless chasing after Encik George Lim and uncle KC. They are lung less and it is just impressive seeing them spin away. Encik recommended that I try SPD so that I can better spin and be more effective on my cranking. It was a nerve racking experience and so many choices. Luckily I have many experienced friend who accompanied to Rodalink to try out the SPD and shoe. I chose a MTB style shoe as I still wanted to be able to walk to the kopi tiam and not look like a King Penguin.
Shimano M077 MTB SPD Shoes. Look abit too fierce for me but it fits well. 
Recess cleat and nice chunky rubber sole = no King Penguin look
I listened to George. Went home remove the screw and grease lightly the cleat screw. Apparently this makes it easier to adjust later
Darren gave me a SPD regime which I stuck to. That is to practise clip on and off on one pedal and switch to the other pedal - Stationary mode. I also back off the spring tension to make it easier to unclip. After half and hour of stationary practise, I excited went to a quiet carpark to do a slow run. Clip in and pedal awhile and stop. Unclip. Heng ah.. never fall. Shared with my LCSG friends at FB and 80% commented that to be really proficient in the clipless pedal, you have to fall at least once. Oh gosh... is there another way? One tip they all tell me is to unclip (at least one pedal) before u reach traffic junction or u feel that u might need to stop. Oh also lean more to the unclipped pedal direction. :)
I did another morning run today on my BF pocket rocket.... and it did felt alot better. But still the engine dept needs more work lah. How to add "turbo" haha.

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