Websites I follow

Bicycles, Cycling in Asia   --Ben mok, who sadly passed away  -- Brother Alvin Lee in Perth Chris wee, bike mechanic and magician. - Blog by Kevin Wu and Gwyn on their bromptons  --Francis chu wa - Zen man  -- Promote bike riding in SG. This is our communal "mothership" - Matt, fellow rider friend and photographer on Sunday rides - Steve Tan, SG rider who can really tinker and knows bicycles - Diane cycling blog  - Sandra Low of Malaysia who rode an amazing journey all over Malaysia!!  Vanguard  - Daphne and her inspiring ride in Taiwan and why its so cool. 

Other parts of the world  - Super dynamo cyclo blogger Alan Bernard  - rider from Melbourne - Blog by Detlef, Cologne on Brompton mods   << make a stand and share ur thoughts with Motorists. :)

Cargo bikes  - Hans, Bullits- World's lighest cargo bike - Lane, handbuild seperateble cargo bike   << mother of 2, riding a cargo bike and documenting the cargo bike movement  - Promoting everyday family biking by biking nearly every day with 2 small passengers! - family who rides  - making it fun for children to ride  - Lindsay, mummy carless and riding a yunda mundo

 Design related


History  -- Super writeup and research by Jerome  -- Leone amazing stories of Singapore and asia