My Bike count

Bikes I have ....
  • Hong kong no brand folding bike, bought around 2002... at Prince Edward area... now still quietly at my work office.. just in case if I want to do some lunch ride. 
  • Giant XTC, 2nd hand bought from Togoparts.. around 2005. Rode around East coast park most of the time.. Then Momo came along and put in the baby seat... she had fun for awhile.. but now dont want to ride with me.. Recently changed back to MTB tyres to try offroading  (Update, Sold on 12th June 2011. I will miss it alot!) 

Flamingo F1 - bought on June 2009 at C2C. My first quality folding bike...goes fast and silent. Change to XT shifters around March 2010... I use it to do my almost daily morning pungol rides... changed Ergon grip, Marathon supreme tyres for Bintan tour... This is the most under rated foldie in my opinion - SOLD to Wendy aka Snail on 20th Nov 2011. Take care of my buddy yah? 

Brompton raw M model -- Bought 2nd hand....  but super new (Late April 2010). It was the brazed joints that made me buy.. The ride is different and folding is super. I take it mostly on group rides with my bike kakis around town... 

New old bike. bought this bike using pocket money from my part time job while in secondary school. Revived it at TR bike by Chris, Henry and Lyten and now it looks really nice and I get a lot pleasure riding it. Simple bike, simple life
20 years it sat at my mum store room... finally it rides again!

Pacific Carryme 19th Nov 2010.. fun and very social bike..I got 2!!! u got to try it to understand the magic!
Carryme x 2

Moulton TSR. Bought this Late April 2011, after trying Paul's Moulton at the Japan/HP/MBS charity ride. And very sadly Paul passed away the day I published my blog account of this... :(
Mr Alex Moulton
Surly Dummy - 14th Nov 2011. This is a bike that I can tongpang my wife and princess. It is FUN!
Here is my first day with Dummy at TR...
This is now my kiddy limo 
Dummy @ TR, ready to be blessed by SG rain gods- Day 1

The best Kiddy limo bar none! 

 The Stealth Bike Friday Pocket rocket.-- April 2012-  Foldable road bike that rides damm nice. This is now my default travel bike if  I am planning to ride long  distances overseas... on good tarmac.

TokyoBike surprise by wifey- March 2013
Totally unexpected by it and it touched my heart, 

Magic Stripe MTB. May 2013. Its just a simple MTB but made from Columbus Steel!
And added front air shock for comfort and poser value 
Stock as it is. This is what I rode and bought
With Rock shox Reba 

Old Trek 930 - recycled and it rides better then new!