Monday, June 15, 2020

Trek 520 1985

With the Covid19 affecting every country, Like many fellow Singaporeans, I have been working from home since April. 
We can't do group riding, no shops are open and its work(WFH), Exercise - cycling or brisk walking. Anddddd online shopping...haha. :)  Don't judge.... important tip as well... Don't go look at bicycles blog or eBay, u could get poisoned, easily. :) 

I read this blog.... and one thing led to another.. 
It's a 1985 Trek 520, size 49. Introduced then as a "sports touring" which is a cross with road bike but able to do some light rack/touring.  It even came with the standard Black burn rack!  Size was just perfect for me. As a shortie, its really hard to find bike that fit me.  
Made in Waterloo, interestingly also the place near my current Kohler HQ(not exactly but very near)!  
It was abit scratched and lots of patina after all this years. Yabbababa.... if u like the bike, u have lots of reasons haha  

After I unboxed it, I gave it a full check over and went downstairs for a spin.  The bike worked very nicely, straight as an arrow but comfortable and heavy compared to a modern day road bike. But steel bike rides really nice, and esp old 80s, 90s steel bikes are very much underrated. They really don't make it like this any more. 
In addition, the rear tube sprang a micro leak which is rideable but after a day, would flat out. I troubleshoot it and the issue was a slightly sharp edge where the rim ends are joined. Pasted a small piece of duct tape, fresh tubes and all was well.  
Heres how it came all the way from Maine, USA. 
Enjoy the photos annnndd shopping!
No I did not order a Kona.... 

Open up... 

Black burn rack and the user did up the bungie in a interesting way

peeking in... 

oh man... he even gave me the utility pouch!

When I saw how it was packed, fork supported with the brace. I knew the guy was a pro. 

Simple, effective packing. Reminded me of legend Chris Wee  

Inside the utility pouch... US coins too haha 

This is how 1985 Trek 520 looks, Check out the nitto high stem- stock! 

Beusage every where. Grant peterson would be proud!

Rugged with use. 

The brake look very nice.. but don't stop as well as modern ones. I think I will change out the pads first 

Steel Trek. Get one!

Innovative fake lug from Trek, this is before they went to Japan and Taiwan for manufacturing 

Not the original Derailuer but works fine

Triple Crank...  u can climb any slope, for sure 

When made in US meant something 

nice ride!

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