Thursday, June 11, 2020

Simple mods that makes the ride more enjoyable

Its almost invisible
 Sorry, I have not been updating my blog regularly. Yes, I still have my bikes and they are a joy to ride... but maybe too many bikes...that one will leave for another posting haha. 
I have still been cycling around my neighbourhood PCN almost daily. With my creaky knees, cycling helps me get the much needed 45 min exercise and clear my mind. 
The route is about 14km around Punggol waterway loop and after many months, it can be abit boring. 
So I recently been playing some music as I ride. Initially, I used mainly my Apple EarPods and they were great. I keep them relatively low volume so I can still be aware of the overall environment. But it can get abit clammy with sweat as u ride. So I tried portable BT spk approach. The problem is that the position u place ur speakers on the bike matters.  Either u turn the volume up very high, which can be abit irritating to other park users. Or u need to find a location that points the speaker generally to ur face/ ear direction. This way u can listen to ur tunes and not blast it like ghetto town. 
Heres how I do it with a longer bamboo branch, 2 Zip ties and abit of velcro. Find a position on ur handle bar, connect and play. I used it and it works great. Its a simple mod, that will make ur ride so much more enjoyable. Photos explains more details than I can ever eleborate. Try it and see it also works for u! 

BT speakers angled towards ur face/ ears

front angle 

Zipties, they saved MRT and they can do miracles!

notice the bamboo stick acts as a platform for the velcro to wrap neatly to the handle bar. This way u can transfer to any bike quickly 

not as pretty but 100 percent eco!

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