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Rider Profile Christine Gan

Introducing Christine Gan! LCSG lady rep for Trifactor interbike club event 2012. She has a very nice personality and relaxed style. But dun let that think you can smoke her with ur latest techno gizmo carbon bike as she will spin very nicely alongside you with a reggae tune blasting along. And nary breaking into a sweat. Read more about how she join lovecyclingsg and cheer for her on the 10th June 2012 Trifactor event!  
Christine on an easy ride

Christine Trusty Dahon

E.R.P is alive! Christine with her kakis
We all ride as one!

Rider Profile- Q&A’

• Tell me about yourself
Ordinary neighborhood girl who can’t wait to flee after work to East Coast Park for a jog or rollerblade, or to rent a bike and cycle down to change village! Cruising along ECP gives me a sense of freedom and closeness to the vast Mother Nature. Spirit is always at all time high as I lived just 4km from ECP. Furthermore, with Coldplay or Draughty blasting from my music player, makes the ride wholesome as well but may be deafening for some oops keke.
• How did you start cycling?
I learnt cycling at a tender age, boyish since young, always running around, following wherever my elder brother goes. Dad got us a second-hand yellow BMX bike and my brother, Roger Gan, aka “my mobile training wheels” was pushing me around as I pedaled at our neighborhood void deck. On one occasion, I was pinned down by the bike, after a neighbor rammed head-on to me with his bike. My ankle swell and was limping for weeks but this minor accident did not deter me from cycling less I’ll would not have met this wonderful cycling group, LCSG!
• Why do you like cycling?
Cycling brings me to places I would otherwise never been, and it brings me further than my legs or blades would have. I can't run or blade longer than 3 hours in one sitting. What amazes me is I can cycle the entire day, taking in the sights and sceneries, stopping at interesting places for photo shoots and LCSG signatures left right posing, and refueling with savory food and drinks, without feeling run down till, the next day of course... It's definitely a greener and sustainable mode of transport with zero carbon footprints.
• When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
I first met LCSG at Passion cycling soft launch at Geylang serai cc. I was on my own at the event; the initial meet up was a little intimidating with groups of people on nice, colourful, expensive looking foldies unlike my “old school Dahon classic”. Nonetheless, when everyone started rolling off to gardens by the bay, I was caught off guard many members are admiring my classic.
 Soon my classic helped bridged the rider with the friendly bunch of people of LCSG. I recalled Steven Lim, was obviously having a hard time "sweeping" me, as I was at my snail's pace throughout the ride. I truly enjoyed his sharing and passion towards advocating safe cycling in Singapore till to date. 
After the event, I added myself into the LCSG group. I wanted to go further than my usual ECP fort road to CV and back, in groups with like-minded people who enjoy outdoor activities, and ride just as hard, take many photographs for memories and have fabulous Sundays!
• Your steel horses- names and more details.
 One and only "steel and heavy duty" blue classic dahon V. The bike was a finder’s keeper, under-used and sitting too comfortably in the storeroom, wrapped up in cling-wrap as well as cob webs keke. I had the inner tubes, tyres, hand grips and cable housing changed before started rolling off to my usual hunt, ECP, in mid-2011.
My classic has helped me scaled 128km on Paul Remembrance ride, 39km OCBC cycle 2012, Kopi coffee rides on Saturdays and survived the rider's persistence in clocking mileages after almost each Sunday's rides and weekdays training rides. Moreover, I will bring it along to participate in the Trifactor inter-club cycling event on 10 June 12. No doubt I'm not the best female cyclist to represent LCSG, my Dahon classic will certainly love to be part of this awesome event. Furthermore the rider is looking forward to a positive competitive experience.
• Your favorite cycling kakis
My friends, since junior college days, gosh more than 10 years of friendship, with Chelsea Khoo (proud owner of Bianchi and BF) and Joey Soh ( PCN mei mei on Cannondale). Not forgetting Chelsea's better half, Alan Teo, and the LCSG panda teammates…plus Kopi coffee riders too.
• What I've learnt since day 1 joining LCSG
It's been 6 months since I joined LCSG. I've transformed from PCN girl to a can-cycle-on-road girl. It was a big step for me. In addition, I'm no longer as intimidated as I was before on the roads. I’ve learnt the proper way of signaling my intentions on the road while cycling and practice safe riding at all times. Being a driver cum avid cyclist now, I have become more tolerant and considerate towards fellow cyclist and more willing to share the roads alongside with them.
• Other things to share. Life motto etc
Nothing is too daunting! Be an optimist!!!
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you look at it...

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