Sunday, May 3, 2015

Marvelous writes about today's ride :)

This was what we did today >>
I rode with a boy(Marvelous) for most part of the journey and he was inspired to write about it.
Steely determination to make it. One crank at a time! 
He wrote this!

See the joy! 
Marvelous wrote:
"Today was my first long ride with LCSG group from Punggol to East Coast Park. And back to Punggol again. 
Although it was tough and tired, I nearly give up at never end coastal road, but with the encouragement from all members especially uncle Woon who guide me and lead me through the whole ride. 
I would love to join the group event again. Yeah! I made it!"
Marvelous with mummy on LCSG ride on 12th April 2015. That was his first ride with LCSG! 

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