Sunday, May 10, 2015

Aspiration versus Reality

Having a back pain since last thurs meant I couldn't do anything much except lie on the bed and take painkillers. Super boring. 
This made me laugh as there is some truth in it.Just 2mins of your time. 
Although it is about the latest camera, it is the same for cycling.  We often get into this cycle too. If I get the next latest newly fangled CarbonKryonitetitaniumunobtainatium_DI2, Worldtouringreynolds853steelisreal_truetemper_rohloffgeared_pinioned bike that our lives would be dramatically changed.
Top of the line World touring bike - Taken from internet. 
Touring the far flung ends of the world 
Latest greatest Pinarello road bike

I am the Tour de france winner 
Seriously. Really??? 
Have a laugh at marketing in work. Have a laugh at ourself. And go cycle abit! Whatever the bike that makes you happy!  

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