Sunday, May 3, 2015

We rode to see the Cirrus Cloud sign

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We decided to do a ride from Pungol to Changi coastal road and see the Cirrus sign. 
Its a wet day which threatened to wash out the event. Still about 40 riders turn up despite the gloomy weather. 
Mio and her kids

Alex and Maria with their little one in the Chariot
Sitting and enjoying the ride 
Brenda with 2 ladies from KL joining us!
We had a great honour of have 2 chariot riders Alex and his wife Maria + Mio Yamada towing her 2 kids from Bukit Batok to Punggol... just to join us. They make it look so effortless. We also had 2 Brompton riders from KL joining us... and my hare brain memory failed me here... pls just drop me a note! 
Marvelous and family  

I am also very glad to ride alongside a yong boy. His name is Marvellous. Really. Not kidding and he is amazing! The route was about 28km one way and he just rode along in the front. Slow and steady. And he made it! So proud of him! 
Marvellous leading the way

Surrounded by good angels. 

Rolling along Changi Coastal road 
Eventually we reached the Cirrus cloud sign. Its located at East Coast Park PCN Car Park F2 area. Very near to Sunset Bay.  
Chiong to order makan
A quick group shot and went for makan. All the riding made us hungry and we stop at East Coast Park hawker centre for some food.
I am very glad to see the unity and cooperation of the riders. They were so considerate and kept in pace and line. They also cheered on the little boy and I felt this made his day! Its so nice of them! This is what LCSG is about. The community coming as one and riding as one. Well done friends!
Stanley covering the rear 
I think Marvelous will sleep really well tonight! :) 

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