Monday, April 27, 2015

25th April 2015 Nparks and LCSG ride to GBB

In case u cannot wait... heres the full photo link here :) 

The folks who came and rode with Nparks and LCSG
We helped facilitate the public ride (organised by Nparks) of about 100 pax to introduce the new PCN that connects fort road PCN directly to Garden by the bay.  
Before the ride, Nparks team also gave a presentation on park manners and how to do some pre bike checks before the ride. 
A short briefing on the route, some ways to be safe and keep u bicycle in good working condition presentation by Nparks 
Simple pre-check list
They also shared abit more on whats coming up in the next few months so that the folks are more aware of the activities ahead. Its looking good! 
Due to the size, we split into 3 wave. This is first wave 
We had 2 ride types. One being a 14km that loops around the GBB area and the shorter route of 8km which ends at the GBB bridge(to cater for the newer riders).  
This is the folks we are doing the ride for! I love it when families ride together
We saw a tandem! 

Mr Simon. He is 76, egging his wife on! 

Nice stretch from Fort road to GBB
Eliane and her dad enjoying the moment

I was with the 8km route and many of them are not season riders. That did not stop them from enjoying the ride and commenting that they will do this again. The new PCN connection were very appreciated by the riders as it gave a safe route from ECP PCN directly to GBB. This is a big improvement from the previous option of exiting from Fort road, taking the road to tanjong rhu(danger zone). We even rode further to the barrage as everyone was really keen to cycle further. 
Group photo on the barrage
A priceless moment with the family photo! 
Hisham, our lead for the 8km route 

Greg and his gal 
A Simple thank you and handshake means so much. 
What made me smile alot is the conversation by some riders on PCN. Dennis related to Mr Yee of Nparks how the PCN provided him and his mates a great place to ride. His health improved a lot and he wanted to say big thank you to the Npark team for all the efforts. That was the moment that made my day and Mr Yee I am sure! 

As they say, photos tell a thousand words. Have a look and see the fun ride we did with lots of friends. 

Thank you NParks - Let's Make Singapore Our Garden for the nice PCN connection. And thank you fellow LCSG angels for helping manage the groups so well and effective! See u soon!
With Npark team
LCSG from R-L
First row, Berenda, Gracie, Keng Yong, Seng Tat, Pierre, Tiger, Desmond, Raymond,
Second row, Nixs and Taiwoon 

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