Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Leung Ki Chi cycling story

Hi, I am Ki Chi,  a 31-year old guy working as Customer Service Officer for a German MNC. Most people seem to start riding from young but I was not so blessed. I learnt riding only in 2011 during an trip to ECP with my ex-colleagues. After that I seldom rode for the next 2 years and never rode out of ECP or the eastern PCN network.
I decided to get my own bicycle in 2013 to save on rental fees each time I wanted to ride. Quickly my rides got longer and longer and soon I plucked up the courage to go on the roads. Eventually I ended up riding to my company's former office at Kallang Sector. My rides were initially mixed PCN and road, but now all my rides are on roads and from just home to office.  
I aim to ride everywhere whenever possible. After work I may ride home, or to the nearby nex shopping mall, or to Ghim Moh or Queenstown for church gatherings.
I have had hurdles to overcome to keep pedalling though. 
Firstly I sweat a lot even after slight physical exertion. Initially I just wiped myself dry after reaching office but that did not stop me getting horrible back rashes, which forced me to stop cycling for a few months last year. 
I resumed only when I discovered shower facilities in my current office. Now I shower after reaching office. Second hurdle would be the fear of close shaves on the roads. I have been in a few accidents before but thank God so far always escaped with minor cuts or scars requiring no more than 4 days' MC. I have conditioned myself to be cautious of other vehicles, with the mindset to expect the worst but to ride without fearing anyone else on the road. As long as I communicate my intention, understand others and follow the rules, I am totally safe. My advice to anyone who would want to commute via bicycle is: there is no need to fear riding on the road as long as you ride by the rules and remain alert.
Ki chi's Tern Link D8
Lastly a word on my metal horses. My current workhorse is a Tern Link D8 (pic attached). It was chosen as I read about its ease of folding from their website. This suits me as I sometimes take my foldie onto the MRT. My previous bikes in chronological order:
1. A China-made no-name foldie. It was damaged in an accident but my LBS restored it and it lived on a few more months. However the front handlebar hinge rusted and that was the last straw.
2. An Aleoca aluminium frame MTB. This was a lighter and faster ride but was stolen from my block's void deck one Sunday morning.
3. A Vert V8 foldie with aluminium frame and disc brakes. It was light but wobbled on the road and had persistent gear shifter problems. I gave it to a church friend.

The best advantages of cycling for me.
1. Exercise. I managed to cut my weight from 85kg to 67kg thanks to my bike.
2. It saves me money on public transport. With the savings I can spend more on food. Kind of defeats point 1 I know. :P
3. I get to explore different routes to work and back home and to other places.

"Hi Taiwoon,
Thank you for taking the effort to collate rider profiles to raise the profile of us cyclists to the powers-that-be!Thank you again for all your hard work for LCSG. I may not be able to join you for Sunday morning rides but I will join at other times whenever my schedule permits. 
regards, Ki Chi" 
Taiwoon: You are very welcome and thank you for sharing your story! See u on Sunday ride sometime!

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  1. Hey there, thanks for sharing experience and the really helpful information on Vert V8 foldie , I almost wanted to buy that, but not anymore because I am looking for a more rugged bike. thanks and keep sharing awesome stuff on ur blog! thanks! ;)