Thursday, April 23, 2015

Teach a child to ride by OCBC

They say a sign of great company is one that gives back to the community. Esp to the ones in need, who are weak and underprivileged. I saw one such event last week at Sporthub, done very quietly and with no "ra ra".

In my brief chat with Iris Tan of OCBC, she related that many of the children they are helping came from broken families.
They do not have father figures and naturally learning to cycle would be so far from their "radar". How would they be able to do it when they are worried about the day to day life....

This was what OCBC attempted to address with their "Teach a Child to Ride" initiative. I love what OCBC is doing and here's an image grab from their Facebook. 
If you like to help out. Please give them a ping and I am sure they would love to hear from you.
Good on you OCBC for the heart and the effort! 

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