Sunday, February 1, 2015

Toyota Corolla of bicycles. Trek 830

This is a typical 1980s frame and they don't come like this any more.  Oh wait, maybe Surly and Salsa. 
A rock steady Chromoly steel frame with Canti brakes and 7 speed on the rear. It also features the mounting eyelets for easy mounting of front and rear racks. Racks are not terribly sexy but they do a damm good job of carrying your load. Be it a pannier or the daily grocery or just that 4 pack of chicken rice you went to "tar pau"  
The amazing thing is they are like a Toyota Corolla. Little flash, under appreciated but super reliable.They just kept rolling and rolling. 
I saw him standing there when I was looking for wheels for my art installation at the local junk yard market. 
I thought I should just get it and take out the wheels - keep the frame. So I asked uncle if I could take a test ride and he said yes. I rode around the area, checking if the bike track straight and yes the magic ride of steel.
Everything was shaky as hell but its ok.  Rust had become like a protective coating on the parts. It wasn't trying to be retro... it is old. I think late 80s. This is how he looks as it is. This is the Toyota Corolla of bicycles!  

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