Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nice non preachy cycling manners booklet by Tokyo X2

Simple and non preachy approach
As cycling gets popular in any city, tensions would no doubt arise due to dangerous riding and inconsiderate behaviors both on the cyclists and drivers part. This booklet by TojyoX2 is trying to address that, before it gets out of hand.
This is a very cool and non-preachy approach by Tokyo X2 which aims to impart courtesy and proper cycling manners in Japan. Full information here. 
They even have a full set of cycling hand signals which over time can help make cyclist's intention(if turning or stopping) easier to understand by cars and bus drivers.

Video on hand signals 
I also feel this is would also work in Singapore. Concentrating on a simple, non judgement presentation on what is proper cycling manners and not appear to be too contrived. What do you think?
Nice style and not soo "stiff"... or holy then you 
Make it humourous but gettting the message across. Dont cycle in a wide formation
Cyclist keep left 

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